Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm utterly exhausted.
I slept only 3 hours a day during my SPM. And today, thank God I don't have any papers which means I can sleep till whenever I want. I felt SO great letting the morning sound of nature wake me up. NOT the annoying tick-tocks and bell rings of the alarm clock. And guess what time I woke up today?
It's 1 p.m. sharp. And that was after I opened my eyes, babe Luyi called.
I sorta remember my friend dated me out today.
Ahh.. I remembered!
It's Vic..
Oh obviously this time will be another sorry-April, since this time was like the 5th or 6th time she turns me down. But turning someone down doesn't mean you won't need to reply someone's message. She doesn't even reply my text messages! Alright this isn't the first time too. Omgosh I'm getting so fed-up!
The funny thing is, she keeps on reminding and mentioning what we both should do and where we both should go after our SPM. She seemed like she got it all plotted up!
Well seriously, I don't put much expect on her date anymore.
Right till now, we had known each other for 5 years.
2 years was our acquiantance year while 3 year behind was our intimate years and you know what?
We did not hang out before!! Impossible it may sounds but that is the truth.
I would rather hang out with Monica and of course, my babe Luyi & Cyrus if she turns me down one more time.
But on her bright side, she's one of my bffs that accompanies me in school and during recess. We often chat a lot and always laugh out loud on funny, silly things together.
Today was supposed to have a study group, comprise only me and her. I texted her, I get no feedback, and that's it. Goodbye without saying a word. Let alone sing.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This shall be my last post till SPM.
Omgosh I feel so tense. Probably cause I don't have enough confident.
** BLAH **
Still working on my history. I find it hard to memorize!
So much to read, so little time!!
Won't crap a lot this time.

All the best to all SPM candidates!