Friday, February 26, 2010

Lunar New Year's Celebration
part 2

Two days prior to Chinese New Year, there was a party held in the kindergarten. And every kids were required to dress in their best to come, even the teachers too!
Initial and immediate thought was to wear a dress. But since considering that I might lost behave and gone fooling round with the kids jumping and running around, I decided to play it safe with a pair of harem instead of wearing a dress though Teacher Joan had asked me to wear
nice nice. And I wore a headband which I bought the day before at the night market cause I think I lack something err... pink? *laughs* That headband, surprisingly, oozes the cuteness of me, said the Principal. Never knew I was cute in pink ribbon headbands. I consider it more as 'sweet' lol..

Tressa and Regina in chili red Cheongsam!
Simply adorable!!

Sweet Indian sisters posing with tangy mandarins.

Intan and her cutie dolly sis!
My Malay kids who prefer to don in shocking pink Cheongsam are equally adoring.

Align Center
This baby doll has big round eyes plus curly long eyelashes I tell ya!
She has eyes as if they look straight into your soul while you look at it. Amazing!

Different races in their traditional clothes with a touch of the Chinese's with the mandarins in their palm.

The boy in the middle is Mahendra.
My cute Malay student who knows his manners very well, and being very polite.
Very much of a gentleman you see.
And he knows how to struck poses in front of the cam lens!

Danylita, dapper boy Jay Shen and sweet Christina :))

Evelyn, Kah Wai, Penny & Miin Zhuen in a row.
Party Queen VS Casualties, huh?

Yi Shen!

Jun Sheng, Xiao Qi & Christina

My thoughts:
Kids are cute. But well-mannered kids are even cute!


Monday, February 22, 2010

[ Lunar New Year's Celebration ]
part 1

Dress code: Anything as long as it brings out the CNY atmosphere. My choice-- PINK
2 weeks before the roaring year of tiger and tigress taking over this year, I went to this association's pre-CNY celebration. Literally dragged Kevin along cause I realized I only had Cassie to keep me accompanied but she's kind of an important person there which means no one would be by my side if she's gone for a little ushering the guests.
The event started at 8pm sharp. Performances including singing, traditional dancing, traditional musical performances, spring celebration video clips and more. Didn't take any pictures for the performances but I did manage to take some pictures of myself!
Boy had you attended this event and you'll see how crowded it is. It took me almost an hour to go on stage for my own photo-taking session cause everywhere in that place is so so packed! Even the corners! Seriously.

Glittering peacock

PiNK !

Pink Pink everywhere!!

Went all crazy with pink! Wooohaha~

Nice painting of the golden tiger.
Illustrating it's stretching paws and opening jaws with a strong ROARING feel!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Lunar New Year
Happy Valentine's Day to all!
Double celebrations doesn't happen each time. So let's have fun!



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Gained Spice

Today's my 8th day working with the kids.
Decided to work at a preschool due to many reasons. First, I love kids. Second, the working time is short (4 hours a day) so I can do whatever I wanna do after work without worrying allowance shortage cause I'm employed. Third, all these time, I wished I could return to preschool. NO, I wish I could twist the time back to when I was a kid!
Cause the only thing I have to worry is what to play next. I seriously lead a charmed life during childhood. Hate it right now as circumstances are way different.

According to nostalgia, friends and I enjoyed whole-heartedly during my time @ CEC. Called Ms. Vivien up and wonder if I could go back to school, not to study but to contribute as a teacher in my former preschool. Sadly, she tingled me 1 week after I got a job offer at another kindergarten and I was working halfway when she called. Oh wells, no hard feelings. Cause I think I already had love for my kids here.
** smiles **

On my first day at preschool, this little mixture-look-alike boy whispered to the Principal that I'm very pretty and I'm BIG. Mmm I guess he was trying to say that I'm tall but, haha..
You know.. Kids' vocabulary aren't that broad and they can't really use the right adjective to describe something. This is one of the reasons why they're cute.

Minn Zhuen (also the senior of T.D.G.)

Meet my favorite kid-- Jun Seng
I immediately fell in love with this little handsome hunk at first sight.
He's 4 and he's my student. Guess what? He likes me too!
Kiss&hug him everyday (secretly). Teeheehe

He's also the loudest&the most attentive kid in class. The whole classroom would be haunted by silence without his presence.

This is Bevan Wong. He's 5.
He's one of my favorite kids.
This little midget instantly hooked my attention on by his cute looking face!
And his little chubby frame is oh-so-cute!
(He has a round belly and he's short.)
And one thing, he likes to peep at me and whenever I found out, he pretends to look at other places and smile. CUTE!

This is Yi Shen. He's just 2+
The first time I saw him I had this urge to approach to him and kiss him on the cheek!
Isn't he just CUTE??
Not that every kids can pull off a mushroom hairstyle but he had made an awesome mushroom-head adopter!

p/s : his dad looks like George Clooney! REALLY! Okay am not sure if he's his daddy but they seem related cause they both had the good-looking gene. Heh

This is my sweetie Christina.
She's 4. She said that I'm her favorite and she likes me very much.
She even invited me to her house! She's my favorite kid..

After my 1-week's trial, I finally had my own class. Previously I assisted Teacher Joan cause her class was over-packed and kids at the back tend to lost attention during class. And I was in charge of the Mandarin class every Tuesday&Thursday. But this week onwards I'm not the helping hand of hers anymore but the Mandarin class still remained me as teacher. This is actually SO sad cause I can't spend time with my favorite Jun Seng! I truly felt dismay.

My new class comprises 7 kids. These kids are from Joan's class as they're slow and can't catch up with the teachings, I will guide them through my class.

Brenda (Bevan's little sister)


Bing Gun



Break time @ 9.40 am

My previous class.

My new class.

Kids doing their work.

Dealing with kids is not an easy feat. You can't be too good get easy with them. I learned that as a teacher, one requires a lot of patience and endurance. One must also be strict and firm. I'm not endowed with these criteria honestly. I may be strict, but not firm; I may have the patience to teach but I simply cannot tolerate with kids who can't remember what I had taught in class.
But most of all, having all of what may be the crucial criteria as fore mentioned is just a part of what it takes to be a teacher.
It's actually the love and enthusiast for kids and teaching that matters the most. It is what makes you a dedicated teacher.