Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pooling around.

Frankly, pool is not a girl's thing. That was my first impression of playing pool. Few years back, I always thought pool was for geekos and gangsters. Can't really blame me. There were quite a number of pool centres operating somewhere near the outskirts of town where I live in which those gangs of teenage boys usually visit and play pool.
 Not until I first got my hand on the billiard and really poked the ball, I got madly in love with this game! And thanks to my dear friend Vin Tsen who invited me to join him and other friends from our college, I realised that pool could be my thing as well! Not just for males. And this V8 pool centre Genting Klang was way too different from the pool centres I've seen where those centres have awful coloured neon light tubes and dark opaque window panes. Looks more like an illegal dealing spot to me. But this place was much cleaner and bigger! Dang I really look forward to my next visit! I miss playing pool already.

This is how we communicate. With the advance technology, we type through our iPhone and stick it on the window glass for the other side to see instead of choosing the long way to walk to their side and talk face-to-face.


Keith's on alcohol-high. Perhaps.

From left: Keith, Cammy, Vince, Mei Yen
Love birds. 

No idea why was he squatting down.


Mei Yen.
Vin Tsen.

Mei Yen, me and Cammy.


Affaf and I. 

Vince with Mei Yen's bb and sunnies. He wore it in a funny way so I decided to snap this picture. For rememberance sake. Or to laugh? I'd choose the latter! ha ha