Saturday, October 23, 2010

A friend a rarely seen.  

 About a month ago, Amanda came back from Indon during her holiday break. She went there to pursue her tertiary education and currently picking up veterinarian as her future career. 
Rewind nostalgia, we've been knowing each other since we were in Form 2, and you cannot imagine how crazy and psycho we were at that time. But as life progressed, we both chose different path and stream. I chosen accountings while she sticks to her zeal in life, namely science. Pure science. Thanks to her, now i know how to open up a packet of finger food without using a pair of scissors during situations when we cannot open it up by tearing it. "It's physics!" she exclaimed enthusiastically.
That scientific mojo in her will often involve in a part of our conversation. But not less the usual laugh out loud, hitting, shout-talking, pushing one's head etc. Oh and just one more thing i like about her is her bravery!
You know, friends are those who will console you and wipe your tears off when you're sad. But instead of doing so, this girl is one who will take a shovel and prepare to bury those who make you sad!
Her straight-forwardness is one thing i must learn too. I'm one of those girls who's shy and dare not give comments to people when they wear something which doesn't seem right or when they act silly. At least not directly in the face. Amanda really is a one-of-a-kind girl i rarely seen in my life. Despite her mentally bold attitude, she doesn't make enemy. This truly impressed me.

 So the day before we met we chatted in facebook and we decided to go see movie and have a bonding session. It was yet another friendship rekindled day.


 meet Amanda! 

From left: Yours truly, Amanda and Kevin.

Candid shot by Amanda


They're not couple. Really. She already has a very sweet and caring boyf. He's her best pal. I mean BEST!

 Wish her all the best in life! Looking forward to our next fun moments!


Friday, October 22, 2010




It's been a month and 3 days since i last posted something. I miss you guys a lot. 
My days are usual. My life's like a roller coaster ride, i should say. It has ups and downs but it's sure is one helluva ride!
I'm currently having CIE exams for A-Level. But i gotta say that i'm very much a lazy bump. I remembered the hardwork and effort i put for my SPM last year. But now it seems all fading away. My biggest problem is my memory! It's good at forgetting things!
Plus, I need to have more oomph and  motivation. Laziness shouldn't be hindering my way. And mostly my problem stemmed from having a new car. You know i'm an average 18 year-old girl. Life at this age is about study, outings and datings, yes? *smiles*
Now that i own a car, i hang out more often which seriously speaking, not a good thing because outings means spending and spending burns a hole in the pocket. I can't help it though. Perhaps this is a girl's natural instinct. Mostly.
Besides i feel that i'm too young to feel the stress! But then we need to face it and snap back to reality. Without hardwork, there would be no gain. Remember, every moment in your life only comes ONCE. Don't make yourself regret over things that just passed. You want it, go get it. But before this, make sure what you're gonna do is legal cause we don't worth the jail time. Heheh. Life's so much bigger than that!
From the moment we were born, we spend the rest of our life dying. So live each day to the fullest cause tomorrow is promised to no one. A long life may be good, but a good life is long enough :)