Tuesday, June 30, 2009

nothing special bout__Tuesday.

I find that the entire Yu Hua student body were about MJ.
His musics aired by our school's audio department.
Students talked and discuss about his death.
Some busy bluetoothing his songs.
Others were doing their stuff while I was busy running errands.
Isn't it a lil too late ?
As I've told you so last Friday and you guys were like two-faced when dealing with me----shocked when I told you and another minute, laugh like nothing happens.

Speaking of today, my long-time-no-see friend bumped in to me.
While I was on my way back to the classroom, I saw her waiting for me outside.
ahhh ~
It suddenly reminded me of her pen drive as she gave it to me last 2 weeks for me to input new songs for her.
** sorry pal.. I'm busy doing nothing till I forgotten.. YIKES **

Then we chat.
We chat about MJ.
About how listen to his songs bring us back to when we're small.
About the massive pressure that he had which leads him to death due to the over consumption of pain-killer.
About how fragile a life was.
Oh yeah and she cried.
I was about to sob as well.
But then I quickly blink away those tears cause I don't want my eyes to be red that people will think you're emotional or whatsoever.
You know..
When you saw someone cried and you automatically try to figure out what's going on with that person.
I don't want those things to happen on me.
** applauses **

One thing about my PE class.
I can't really talk much here but the thing about my new PE teacher is that she's so not embracing us.
I was told that she is irresponsible.
If you believe what you're reading, the teacher actually asked her best friend, a teacher in my school as well to replace her in our class for i'm not clear what's the reason and besides, who bothers ?
But what seriously permed questions in our head is that why was she not in her PE outfit during PE lesson ?
Till then I seem uninterested to what she'll has to say, for a teacher who doesn't have the force to coach us, idle yet mean to her students.

Time for tuition.
Till the next.


Friday, June 26, 2009

The Legendary King of Pop

No one fits the title best besides the King of pop Michael Jackson.

I'm the earliest among my friends to receive the news.
I heard this shocking news when I was in the car on my way to school with my mom fetching me.
At first, I thought it was unreal.
But then I tuned into another fm and another, I was shocked.
I couldn't believe what I've heard. I cannot accept.
I reacted in stunned disbelief as word spread that Michael Jackson had collapsed and died.
Pop star Michael Jackson was pronounced dead by doctors this afternoon after arriving at a hospital in a deep coma, city and law enforcement .
In that thrice of moment, my vision was blurred by my tears.
My mom was beside me.
We sighed in grief.

Today, I spent my whole day listening to his songs.
I grew up listen to english songs.
And his songs definitely occupy a very great position in my heart.
Though I hadn't heard his songs for a very very long time, I still remember his voice.
That voice is so familiar.
I used to hum his song with my dad when I was little.
I used to dance to his tracks.
I used to mimic and learn his moon walker.
I used to wow at him when I first saw him dance on TV.
Those memories...
Is as vivid as a tattoo in me.
It all began since I was little !!!
His music was so easy to get lost into.
I remember being 5 years old and dancing in front of the TV to his music. Trying to dance like him of course.
It was ugly, but it was fun!!

How strong he had affected a kid!
As an unmatched performer, and a true icon, his sound, style and dance moves inspired subsequent generations of pop, soul, R&B and hip-hop artists.

But he left us..
Fly's Ben said that his mom cried for only two stars for their death in her life.
One is for Elvis Presly, and one is for M.J...
Undeniable, M.J.'s the king of pop forever.
Till now I couldn't search for a star to replace him.
He can deliver songs in various genres perfectly.
He's special & unique.
He's one-of-a-kind type.

Though he's dead, but through his songs, he'll be alive in our heart for eternal.
You're not alone.
We love you Michael....

RIP Michael Jackson

The news regarding his death :

On the Sad morning of June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson was discovered collapsed at his rental home in Los Angeles. 911 emergency services responded promptly at 12:21 pm Pacific time arriving at 12:30 pm to find Michael unconscious and not breathing. He was rushed to the UCLA Medical Ce
nter and after a brief slip into a coma Michael was pronounced dead at 2:26pm; the cause reported as cardiac arrest. THE Los Angeles Police Department has opened an investigation and an autopsy is scheduled for Friday, June 26, 2009.

Michael lived a very colourful life and during a short 50 years he made an indeli
ble mark on the planet Earth. Whether or not you are a fan there is nobody who can deny his impact and the memory of him which will persist in all of us indefinitely. Spread the word of Michael Jackson's legacy and make sure everyone will always remember.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Influenza A

Recently the biggest threat to us human.
3 students of my school was suspected to be carrying this deadly H1N1 virus.
Sounds appalling eh ?
But how can we curb it ??
Is there any cure for that disease ??
I don't know.
We'll leave it to the professionals.

I quarantined myself at home today.
I had a sore throat.
Luckily the pain eased off.
Thanks to the vitamin C tablet I taken earlier this morning.
And thanks mom.
Sis told me that you're worried bout me.
I'm okay..
I'm resting besides browsing the net.
Doesn't sound much like I'm sick right ??

I'm hungry.
But I just ate 30 minutes ago !!
Big appetite I had.
No idea why.
Probably cause I'm sick.
So I didn't really eat much for lunch.

Ready to go hunt some food.
Till the next post...


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Daddy's DAY

If you still remember that I told you this year's Father's Day means everything to my mom, yes she meant it.
She woke up early in the morning, no idea was she the earliest in the family to wake up but the excitement in her eyes like a kid is undeniable.
I was the last person to wake up for sure anyway.
Got up, ate my breakfast, rest for some moment, browsed through the net, bathed and get dressed.
By the moment I dressed up, I actually realized that I've forgotten to bring my make-up kit !!!

** YELLS **

How on earth can I ever forgot t
he important thing to me??
Oh no..
Oh no no no no no.. T
his time I will be the ugliest of all..

Attending a functio
n without make-ups is my taboo.
No way I'm gonna break my rule.

But how ??
I'm not gonna tell you that.
You may guess if you want to.

** laughs **
But I did not buy or borrow it from other people though.
So let's just skip this conversation and enter the main.

When we reached the restaurant we headed straight to our VIP room.
ess what ?
My aunt had already reached there earlier ahead of us.

While waiting for the others to arrive, we did camwhoring.
As I, the assistant photographer of the day, shall bring you the photos I've taken.
(note : there's more in my coussie's camera--the
photographer of the day!)

Grandma and grandpa

the 2nd generation

the 3rd generation

still, the 3rd generation. (the lil ones)

A picture stands thousands of words.
Through pictures, you'd be able to know whether I'm having fun or the other side.
In case there isn't much information, I hereby to conclude that this year's Father's Day is the best I've ever had.



Hey guys !!
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Sometimes I'm just lazy to update my blog.



Friday, June 19, 2009

What could I feel now ??

I ranked number 8 out of 43 in my class.
I've never get such an achievement since my history when I first stepped in middle school penned down.
and Out Of The Blue !!
My first bff in my life contacted me and we catch up things we've been neglected for ages.
What's more ?
Father's Day !!
This year, I'll be celebrating it at Malacca.
According to mom, she said that this year's Father's Day means more than crucial to her.
and why is it ?
My grandpa fainted out of a sudden recently.
He had been sent to the hospital.
The doctor said that he encountered a heart malfunction.
3 arteries in his heart was clogged up.
Our tears rolled down...
plus, his cholestrol level worsen.
Double attack at a time !!
My mom was never happy when she got told by my aunt.
What could I feel ?
Involving in 2 happy incidents and 1 unhappy incident.
Or I should ask '' Oh mighty GOD! Could You be kind enough to let me plot my destiny just for once ? At least to cross out those unhappy things in my life. "
I said it and I mean it.
I hope GOD hears me.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

**big sigh**

From now on, nothing matters much more than my academic achievements.
Nothing will do.
Nothing will interfere with my future.
Nothing will stand in my way to succeed.

Fed up with all that shit-look results !!
I'm whining.
Yes I am.
Please allow me to.

I got a 'B' for my add maths.
If I get another 2 marks, I would have got an A2 !!
68 => B !!
What could possibly be more worse than that ??
At least to me.
This is unconceivable.
You call this as flying colors ?
I don't think it is.

Felt weary of scrimmaging with myself every time.
Especially during the exam.
If you think that I've gone too far away from being excessive,
think again.
It's always the same issue, boring and stuffy.. Never ran out of trend.
But that's not good in this case.
It's call the---SPM.

What will you feel ?
Once you, as a form 5 student heard about this on-it's-way-to-be-a-phrase word umpteen times?
Guess there's no need for me to figure it out.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Can I wind the clock back ?

School is once again officially re-open, which means no more potato-couching, hitting to the malls, mousing on the net, being a night owl, splurging $ on outings and blahh.
AHH !!
I can't resume my life back again that fast !!
I mean.. I used to wake up in the p.ms and sleep in the a.ms during this school holiday.
Plus, I can do whatever I want to without hesitating much !!
What a life I had ~
Picture how awesome it would be if the rest of the world operates like this...

Anyhow, the wonderful things comes to a screeching halt.
all gone.
Back to normal.
Back to school life.
It's all about the
SPM again. again. again..

Freakin ' nervous today !!
During this whole week our teachers of each and every subject are gonna hand us our paper back.
Overall today, I'm quite satisfy with my results.
Not that I'm contented already, but I'm just relief that my results ain't not that bad !!
** claps hand, runs round **
I got
ALL A1 !!!
I repeatedly telling my friend who sat beside me : " Wow!! This is an auspicious start !! "
and he replied flatly : " Yeah yeah ~ I can see that. "
Hmm.. I wonder why my friend sounded so unhappy.
I don't think my friend is jealous though..
Probably my friend didn't score well or my friend felt sick listening to my
** sorry for being misbehaved, but I can't help feeling overjoyed today **

Well, hope that the rest of my results turn out like today.
** fingers crossed for me everyone **


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shopping Spree at Genting First World Plaza

Remembered I told you that I sensed something good is about to happen on me ?
So it did !!

Finally I can shop till I drop !!


Few days ago I was in Malacca then back to KL then straight away headed to Genting Highlands yesterday (10/6/09).

Stayed there for 1 night at Highlands Hotel.

It happened out of a sudden when I almost forgotten that I have a G
enting trip the next day cuz I'm severely fatigued since I got back home from Malacca until the next day morning my aunt gave me a wake-up call. Isshhh ~ Tat phone call saved me.

Right now maybe I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

Up to the hill.

Make-ups done.

Pose happily.

and off we go !!

Oo lalaa~ MNG is having a craze SALE !!!
Hurried now yo girls !!!

We went to Noodle House for our dinner.
Gosh.. They totally made a high profit for foods at Genting. A bowl of curry laksa costs RM11 excluding taxes !!!
I can get at least 3 bowls in KL at that price.
Should have gone to McDonald's for dinner.
With almost the same price I can get a burger, refillable coke and the oh-so yummy french fries !!
Shopping came next after dinner.
We roamed throughout the mall, hunt for stuffs and treated ourselves with Baskin Robin's ice-cream and went back to our hotel.
We came back to our room at 11+ p.m. cuz we're about to wake up early the next morning.
We didn't went for the outdoor theme park nor the indoor theme park all bec
ause I want shopping.
** haha **

And here are the photos I took before I sleep using my coussie's cell phone.
** without make-ups **

Is my complexion a little too fair ?
My friends address me as a corpse or white ghost lol.

An ugly pic. Go ahead. Laugh all you want.

Kissie ~
Nights everyone.


Shopping Spree (PART 2) at KL Time Square

Morning after breakfast, we bathed, got changed, packed up and off we go !!

Bye Bye Genting..
Hello again, KL !!

Seriously I did not sleep well last night. I'm fr
I caught a flu and my nose kept running that I used up 2 packets of tissue paper.
As I'm too lazy to get up and throw away those used tissues, I placed them on the side-table. So it happened to be all over the side-table and some fallen onto the ground.
I think it's mostly the air that caused my nose uncomfortable.
Germs and bacterias in the atmosphere.
I used to have an air filter at home though.
How bad that it isn't handy to bring along.

Okay cut the crap and lets return to the main.
My coussie found a job as a beautician hence we shop for formal wears.
She wants me to help her pick and choose those formal garments for her so I did.
We shop shop and shop until my beautiful aunt rang up to inform us that we're rushing over time.
She said that it's gonna rain pretty soon and urged us to be hurry cuz our vehicle parked in a non-shelter place.
Me n my coussie of course, don't think that we're gonna make it in an hour for shopping.
We're like : '' An hour ?!! What to shop ??! What to buy ?!! Impossible lah !!
Yea impossible indeed.
To me, I need at least 3 hours for shopping. I said at least.
And very soon, it rained.
So we rang my aunt and see whether she's still rushing or not.
Hah, how irony. Now she said we can take our time to shop.
So we resume our hunt for formal-wears and went for dinner at around 6 p.m.

To conclude, I really had a great time!!
Shoppings aside, I do enjoy moments with my families.
We created and shared moments together. And together, we created a big heap of fun!!


Sunday, June 7, 2009


I woke up in the noon today as usual, with a sleepy head.
expecting to go out shopping very much.
Seriously i couldn't resist shopping as though i'm addicted.
Right, shopping indeed is an addiction to me.

And there are sometimes...
sometimes when you expect things to go smoothly and perfectly and just so well as if the skin of the infant, surface of silk, satin fabric and egg membrane and any other things you find it was perfectly perfect, of course, the inevitable occurs.

I thought today would be perfect to go shopping.
Sunny day, no rain, cotton clouds.
Fabulous isn't it ??
I told mom I wanna go shopping today.
I don't know what she responded cuz I didn't even care to look at her.
I'm just way too excited..

It seemed like she answered 'no'
The whole day today was stuffy.
Mom went out to get her car's remote control repaired, leaving Angel and I plus my grandparents at home.

Ugh !!

so what to do ?
I ended up watching Astro channel 333 together with my grandparents.
Obviously my shopping trip was done here.

When mom came back I tried to tell myself not to be rude to her.
It's not her fault after all.
Parents have the right towards their children.
I know that.
By the way......
I sensed that something good shall happen to me very soon..
I laughed at last.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh-so Wonderful

right here i got my grandparents by my side..

it's been such a long long time since i last saw them..
now that i can hug n kiss them soo much that i could.

my grandpa was too fagged up with our presence that he actually jumped out of his bed!!
haha yeah grandpa we miss you too....

as for lunch today we went to
Machap Baru .
now you probably have not heard before it's a small place in Malacca but it situated quite far from my grandparents' resident area.
it took us about 50 minutes before we reached.
along the way we could see those rubber estates, lotus planting, oil palm estates and all other beautiful scenery we hardly ever seen in the city.
oh and the lake !!

wow the lake view is amazingly beautiful !!!!
you can bet.

too bad i didn't bring along my camera today.
or else i will capture those pretty scenery..

it's dinner time now !!
i'm about to have my dinner this instant cuz my aunt is urging me!
(eat eat eat eat eat)

(blog saved as draft. Continued the next day)
After dinner we went shopping. My little cousins brought me to their fav art work spot.
They used to love sand-art which we often saw in the shopping centre or kids' playing corner.
But now I think the water-art had replaced the sand-art in the little one's heart.
Honestly, this is my first time to do this water-art. Felt like kinda left out as my cousins had done it several times before
But never mind. At least I done it now. So don't ever say that I'm outdated lol.

Pretty unicorn..
My dearest little cousin gave it to me.
How nice ~

Oww~ Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ??


Thursday, June 4, 2009


someday I'll find you
when one is lonely the days are long.
you seem so near
but never appear.
one day..
I'll find you.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

newly penchant

Holidays are like about 5 days over.
ask me what i've done .
go ahead. ask me.

right i'll tell you..
movies, karaokes, shopping, chilling out and blahh
after all..
i'm just being teenager !!
and these are what young adults usually do right ??
not to mention on my last sunday night that i hang out until freakin 4.30 a.m.
yet, i still don't consider my act as over-exceed.
what i mean is..
sometimes parents just need to get along with their kids' penchant.
as for me, i'm entirely confirm that i would not ditch my penchant for music, shopping and singing.
(that's my soul)
no offensive.
i'm just speaking what i wanna speak here.

Oh and lately i've been reading 2 novels in a day.
(how amazing !!)
my gosh ~
i think i've fell in love.................
i fell in love with Janette Rallison's novel so much !!!
(just what do you think?)
Fame, Glory and Other Things On My To Do List is the best juvenile fiction i've read in my recent life !!!!

and i kept thinking about that book should be filmed into a movie.

this is how the story goes..

It takes place in the small town of Three Forks, New Mexico, USA.

Jessica, the heroine, a totally ditzy blonde and a junior at Three Forks High has goals to become a famous Hollywood movie star, a real teen drama queen. And how would she make it to Hollywood?? It all starts with the school plays, so she's been growing her hair out for a whole school year now, in hopes of getting the part of Juliet in the school play True to her dramatic nature she mistakes a young man in the parking lot at Wal-mart (where she works) for a would-be attacker. To her horror, and relief, she learns he’s a new kid in town who just happens to own an identical car to hers, and she’s sitting in it!

All is not lost as the situation soon turns exciting. He confides in her that he is the son of Christopher Hunter, world-famous movie star. A secret he asks her to keep, to allow him a chance to be himself and have people like him for who he is, not who his father is.

Jessica’s mind concocts an intricate plan to not only use Jordan to help get back her ex-boyfriend, but also to help her reach her goal as an actress.

Plot twists and colorful characters paint a wonderfully delightful story that will not only be difficult to put down, but also be difficult to see come to an end.

I loved the fun and humour of this book, but i also enjoyed the deeper plot-line that showed Jordan's desire to see his divorced parents get back together again. He's convinced they still love each other and wants, more than ever, to help them fall back in love. His emotions are real, his motivation is sincere and Rallison does a beautiful job writing a story that will be entertaining, but also satisfying.

If she isn’t already a favorite author, Janette Rallison’s books will soon be on everyone’s “must read” list. This is one book you won’t want to miss.

i've never in love with books with genre of high school life, drama, love and comedy so much ever.
now, i think i'm gonna pick up reading as one of my penchant too.


Janette Rallison -- AMAZING author of books for young adult.

got read ?

this is my version and it's the original version.

i found this version on Google

and look how pretty Jessica is..