Sunday, June 7, 2009


I woke up in the noon today as usual, with a sleepy head.
expecting to go out shopping very much.
Seriously i couldn't resist shopping as though i'm addicted.
Right, shopping indeed is an addiction to me.

And there are sometimes...
sometimes when you expect things to go smoothly and perfectly and just so well as if the skin of the infant, surface of silk, satin fabric and egg membrane and any other things you find it was perfectly perfect, of course, the inevitable occurs.

I thought today would be perfect to go shopping.
Sunny day, no rain, cotton clouds.
Fabulous isn't it ??
I told mom I wanna go shopping today.
I don't know what she responded cuz I didn't even care to look at her.
I'm just way too excited..

It seemed like she answered 'no'
The whole day today was stuffy.
Mom went out to get her car's remote control repaired, leaving Angel and I plus my grandparents at home.

Ugh !!

so what to do ?
I ended up watching Astro channel 333 together with my grandparents.
Obviously my shopping trip was done here.

When mom came back I tried to tell myself not to be rude to her.
It's not her fault after all.
Parents have the right towards their children.
I know that.
By the way......
I sensed that something good shall happen to me very soon..
I laughed at last.


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