Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh-so Wonderful

right here i got my grandparents by my side..

it's been such a long long time since i last saw them..
now that i can hug n kiss them soo much that i could.

my grandpa was too fagged up with our presence that he actually jumped out of his bed!!
haha yeah grandpa we miss you too....

as for lunch today we went to
Machap Baru .
now you probably have not heard before it's a small place in Malacca but it situated quite far from my grandparents' resident area.
it took us about 50 minutes before we reached.
along the way we could see those rubber estates, lotus planting, oil palm estates and all other beautiful scenery we hardly ever seen in the city.
oh and the lake !!

wow the lake view is amazingly beautiful !!!!
you can bet.

too bad i didn't bring along my camera today.
or else i will capture those pretty scenery..

it's dinner time now !!
i'm about to have my dinner this instant cuz my aunt is urging me!
(eat eat eat eat eat)

(blog saved as draft. Continued the next day)
After dinner we went shopping. My little cousins brought me to their fav art work spot.
They used to love sand-art which we often saw in the shopping centre or kids' playing corner.
But now I think the water-art had replaced the sand-art in the little one's heart.
Honestly, this is my first time to do this water-art. Felt like kinda left out as my cousins had done it several times before
But never mind. At least I done it now. So don't ever say that I'm outdated lol.

Pretty unicorn..
My dearest little cousin gave it to me.
How nice ~

Oww~ Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ??