Saturday, June 20, 2009

Daddy's DAY

If you still remember that I told you this year's Father's Day means everything to my mom, yes she meant it.
She woke up early in the morning, no idea was she the earliest in the family to wake up but the excitement in her eyes like a kid is undeniable.
I was the last person to wake up for sure anyway.
Got up, ate my breakfast, rest for some moment, browsed through the net, bathed and get dressed.
By the moment I dressed up, I actually realized that I've forgotten to bring my make-up kit !!!

** YELLS **

How on earth can I ever forgot t
he important thing to me??
Oh no..
Oh no no no no no.. T
his time I will be the ugliest of all..

Attending a functio
n without make-ups is my taboo.
No way I'm gonna break my rule.

But how ??
I'm not gonna tell you that.
You may guess if you want to.

** laughs **
But I did not buy or borrow it from other people though.
So let's just skip this conversation and enter the main.

When we reached the restaurant we headed straight to our VIP room.
ess what ?
My aunt had already reached there earlier ahead of us.

While waiting for the others to arrive, we did camwhoring.
As I, the assistant photographer of the day, shall bring you the photos I've taken.
(note : there's more in my coussie's camera--the
photographer of the day!)

Grandma and grandpa

the 2nd generation

the 3rd generation

still, the 3rd generation. (the lil ones)

A picture stands thousands of words.
Through pictures, you'd be able to know whether I'm having fun or the other side.
In case there isn't much information, I hereby to conclude that this year's Father's Day is the best I've ever had.


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