Tuesday, June 30, 2009

nothing special bout__Tuesday.

I find that the entire Yu Hua student body were about MJ.
His musics aired by our school's audio department.
Students talked and discuss about his death.
Some busy bluetoothing his songs.
Others were doing their stuff while I was busy running errands.
Isn't it a lil too late ?
As I've told you so last Friday and you guys were like two-faced when dealing with me----shocked when I told you and another minute, laugh like nothing happens.

Speaking of today, my long-time-no-see friend bumped in to me.
While I was on my way back to the classroom, I saw her waiting for me outside.
ahhh ~
It suddenly reminded me of her pen drive as she gave it to me last 2 weeks for me to input new songs for her.
** sorry pal.. I'm busy doing nothing till I forgotten.. YIKES **

Then we chat.
We chat about MJ.
About how listen to his songs bring us back to when we're small.
About the massive pressure that he had which leads him to death due to the over consumption of pain-killer.
About how fragile a life was.
Oh yeah and she cried.
I was about to sob as well.
But then I quickly blink away those tears cause I don't want my eyes to be red that people will think you're emotional or whatsoever.
You know..
When you saw someone cried and you automatically try to figure out what's going on with that person.
I don't want those things to happen on me.
** applauses **

One thing about my PE class.
I can't really talk much here but the thing about my new PE teacher is that she's so not embracing us.
I was told that she is irresponsible.
If you believe what you're reading, the teacher actually asked her best friend, a teacher in my school as well to replace her in our class for i'm not clear what's the reason and besides, who bothers ?
But what seriously permed questions in our head is that why was she not in her PE outfit during PE lesson ?
Till then I seem uninterested to what she'll has to say, for a teacher who doesn't have the force to coach us, idle yet mean to her students.

Time for tuition.
Till the next.


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