Thursday, June 25, 2009

Influenza A

Recently the biggest threat to us human.
3 students of my school was suspected to be carrying this deadly H1N1 virus.
Sounds appalling eh ?
But how can we curb it ??
Is there any cure for that disease ??
I don't know.
We'll leave it to the professionals.

I quarantined myself at home today.
I had a sore throat.
Luckily the pain eased off.
Thanks to the vitamin C tablet I taken earlier this morning.
And thanks mom.
Sis told me that you're worried bout me.
I'm okay..
I'm resting besides browsing the net.
Doesn't sound much like I'm sick right ??

I'm hungry.
But I just ate 30 minutes ago !!
Big appetite I had.
No idea why.
Probably cause I'm sick.
So I didn't really eat much for lunch.

Ready to go hunt some food.
Till the next post...


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