Thursday, July 29, 2010

weekends off   

Was supposed to attend the accounting extra class on last Saturday but instead went back to Malacca to visit the loveliest grandparents of mine. As usual, family and I went and stayed for one night before coming back on the next day. Wished we could've stayed longer but due to the classes we have on Monday we have no other options unless we choose to skip class which is, I would say, totally not my thingg.. *ahem*
Along our way, we headed to Nilai to pick up my cousin sis and together we went to Malacca. Two of my other cousin sis from Puchong & Sunway went back too. And know what? Even my long-lost contact cousin bro from JB came back! It was like a small reunion since CNY, except for the only unpleasant situation which somehow affected our emotions more or less when being reminded of it. I truly hope that this case will end as quick as possible. After all, how much longer could an old man be able to wait..
So we arrived around 11pm and after unpacking our stuffs, we went for Satay Celup as supper, and in my case it was my dinner. We took our satay celup at Ban Lee Hiang “万里香”@ Jln. Ong Kin Wee. There is another one named Capitol Satay Celup @ Lorong Bkt. Cina. I've heard that Malacca's Satay Celup is now available at USJ. Never been there before though..
Just to boast around, Malacca famed for it's little delicacies and this is one of the plethora kinds of food Malacca has to offer. Satay celup is a must eat food at Malacca. Satay celup is something like lok lok and steamboat with rich and spicy peanut sauce. 

 It's not those kind of lok-lok you've eaten in a mobile lok-lok truck that travels from one place to another and appears usually in the night market. This is wayy more tastier than those! Like seriously, I can't find no where besides Malacca for cheap good food. Be sure to drop by and enjoy. This place is heaven!

The rich and spicy peanut sauce in boiling pot.

Not much pix taken. Once the food was served I snapped as fast as I could and start digging in. Can't help. Too hungry. Stomach was growling at me. It went grrr....ROARRR! It always does that. bahahaa

On the next day, cousins and I went shopping at the new AEON Bandar Melaka. Like OMFG?! That was the largest AEON I had ever seen! I mean, just take a look into the two AEONs in my neighborhood. Tiny as pea! The new one's even worse! No cinema no karaoke stations no nothingg. All they have a lot is restaurants, which I wouldn't very much prefer to dine in cause I would've gone to those little cafe outside the mall. Okay cut the crap..
 After we did some shoppings around, we went to J.Co just before we headed home. Had yogurts and simply relaxed and enjoyed the icing yogurt with any type of toppings for us to choose from!

I like the way where they add a kissing lips symbol at the end of the poem. So vintage so romantic :))

 And while we were en route home, we pull up to this Nyonya house which sells Dodol and pineapple biscuits. All freshly-made! The lady boss told us that it takes 7 different labors to make one pineapple biscuit. CAN YOU BELIEVE?! Well but I was quite convinced. I got to snapped photos of a lady  where she was decorating the biscuit. And immediate feeling was surprised because if this minor part of making this biscuit used up one unit of labor force, is it the same where moulding the shape, mixing the ingredients, placing the biscuits neatly&accordingly onto the trays, putting it into the oven, and last packing and arranging them all takes up different people to do them? Oh right. Maybe that's their ways of production from the old days and still adapting the method till today. Anyway, boy have you eaten just a bite of the pineapple biscuits and am sure you'll come your way asking for more!
I was such a lucky star to get the fresh-from-oven pineapple biscuits because they were all sold out before I arrived! The 15 minutes waiting for the biscuits to be well-baked was all worth it..
 Before the deco.

Placing the confetti deco neatly on the biscuits.

The production room.

I had a miserable headache on that day after I came back from the mall. Slept from evening till 9 and had a light dinner before going back home. This was practically my weekend. Full and easy. Going back to Malacca really gives me the feel to just relax and do nothing off-net, off-study, and off-the havoc from my regular scheduled life. No fuss no hassle.
Clear blue sky, I can easily cycle or walk to the beach behind my grandma's house just to get the feel of I'm on a vacation. What? You think I will imagine that I'm a mermaid huh?  



Saturday, July 24, 2010


I started to gain interest for Mr. Khor's Economic class. He became humorer than he was during the induction period and often takes me as an instance for his joke! Well just fyi, I am totally not offended with :)
I think mainly he did this is because I'm the noisiest student in his class and darned talkative and soso hyper, I have the audacity to talk, only in his class because Econ class has a few number of students unlike Law class which comprises almost 95 students ( and the law lecturers are friggin strict and are concerned about silence in class) while Accounting class made up of only 11 students, which I know, was very HUGE difference of numbers. One is enormously packed, one is so deserted and one is.. just nice..
And I used to have this habit of teasing Rachel Liaw and Surinder! That's very bad of me :D
Besides,  chatting with Rachel and May Ann makes me feel good. Girly bondings aside, those times when we share our piece of mind and very often discuss and ask questions on studies really help develop us a lot. 
And also very often May Ann and I got caught when we both started to speak to each other. I would say that Mr Khor has a very very sensitive ear towards hearing! Or maybe just being such sensitive towards my voice/Ann's voice. Until there was a time when he suggested May Ann to be a radio announcer in front of the class. That was really flattering with a sense of sarcastic and a lot of funny elements! hahaa
Well, speaking of studies, I just went to realize exam is coming very soon! Again the pressure filled me up. The voices in my head often remind me of study study study but frankly, I've always hindered by the doing-nothing and idle mood which lead me to procrastination and worsen my self-progression. It's time for me to pull my socks up and start revising. Seriously speaking. But taking action is the problem! As if the problem always exist.. Like I said, I really wanna study hard but being lazy is so much fun!
Aite, pinky promise I'll not be such a lazy bump. At least not to the level of wouldn't even lift my finger up lah..
Gosh I felt so guilty for not studying for the optional test. I even posted that I will sit for the test on the night before test on twitter and now I feel like slapping on my own face with the words I've spoken! Know why?! Because of that stupid LAN sub! I went studying the whole dumb notes on LAN till 4am+, only got to know that we were allowed to refer to our notes during the exam. Brilliant eh? superb. indeed.
Hence, I neglected my Law sub which was rather crucial to me then the fuggin LAN. C'mon! I've always scored an 'A' for my Sejarah in high school and after 5 years of studying that subject you expect me to pick up that ol' sub again? Think deep!
So relieved that LAN was over cause now imma going nuts over my accounting class with Mr. PMS Jasal!
I've never fancy accountings though both my parents have major in accountings. I took up the sub and ditch my favorite English Literature was because I got convinced that accountings are more easier to score in exams. Well I truly hope so! Cause since the  last two weeks I've came across the thought of dropping that sub and switch to Eng Literature. But then again, it's already July and one more week to ze month of August. Yet! Gory news is that accounting class for every Thursday will start at 10am and ends at 4pm starting next week because LAN class officially ended! Just picture my expressions after the announcement reached my ears. LAN, I regretted being so rude to you earlier.. Take me back? 
Oh April.. I wish that you own a fairy wand and change everything into a fairyland so that you can just live merrily in you own princess world and never got so distress.. Chatting away with talking animals over tea, frolicking with unicorns on the cloud in the blue sky, singing out loud with the birds and dancing with butterflies  in the breeze.. And the only thing for me to worry is when will I meet my Prince charming! Princess's blue I'll say.
Nice nice this is so nice but no matter how beautiful your dream is, you still have to wake up! Never felt weary of nursery rhymes & fairy tales albeit how hackneyed those stories are. Well that's me, after all,  my blog site's name says it all ;))



Wednesday, July 21, 2010



for anyone who couldn't stand cuteness just press ctrl+ W button and hush :)
REMEMBER, you have been given a fair warning :))

It all started off at last Friday, when May Ann didn't join me for lunch after Econ class. Reason was because Lin Sheng owed her McDonald's so she went to claim her prize. Hence Rachel and I went eating together. FYI, us three are the usual threesome for lunch every Mon & Fri cause we have the same class on those days namely Econ & Law. So it went on until I came back from lunch and marched into the classroom when the first thing came into sight was May Ann sitting in front with a bunch of dudes and sorta like chit-chatting. After few minutes after I approached her, she handed me this plastic-wrapped up thiggy I can see very obviously it was another toy from McD's Happy Meal.... until I unwrapped it and found such a CUTE BUNNY!
Hence the climax :)
I took a hell lot of pix with this particular Sugarbunny named Shirousa cause i thought how adorable it was!

Shirousa with her owner and moi.
Or I should say, like toy, like owner 
(can't you see the ownership inheritance in both of them? They're both CUTE!) haha!

This pic was taken yesterday with my new Sugarbunny-- Momousa!
OH MY GOSH she's in PINK!

My instant reaction when I saw it was..
Okayy I think I held my breath for like 2 sec when I saw Momousa on my table!!
She knew how much I fancy pink stuffs and cute stuffed toys.


Well seriously I think I'm gonna flunk my LAN exam tomorrow cause I can't help blogging and Facebooking. Screw that sub! UGH
I need HELP! Immediate helpp ~~



Saturday, July 17, 2010

 Random Outing with a sexy brunette

A day after my maiden outing with dear May Ann, I went out with Cing Cing. A very random and abrupt decision after we received the announcement that accounting class has been called off. Since Tuesday, this would be the 2nd accounting class for th week and guess what? Our truly respected accounting lecturer aka Mr, PMS Jasal has not been attending both! FYI, we have only two accounting classes for a week, hence it means no more accounting class for the week!!......Not till Yu Tze finished his line by saying we have an extra class on this coming Saturday, which is so potong-steam lohh! Anyways I'm still okay with it.
While was handing notes to Yu Tze, I somehow find myself lazy and resorted sitting down chatting with the gang and that was when Cing suggested that we go catch a movie so I said why not? Since we came so early to college for accounting class and now that it has been canceled. Furthermore LAN class is in the noon so we went to the nearest cinema to kill time instead of getting ourselves rotted in the college doing something mundane :P

Few photos of the day:

Started off by showing y'all...
The sexy BRUNETTE--Cing!
p/s: I basically quoted Fatin by addressing her 'the sexy brunette'. HAHA

Cing's HOT!


Here comes the bad news..
Our initial plan was to watch Inception but who would have knew.. that timing is the devil causing us to forgo our decision for movie!! The earliest showing time was at 12.20pm and we were there like 10am?? And of course we couldn't see any movies at that time cause we're having LAN class at noon! The duration will prolly take at least two hours and we really couldn't make it and can't imagine if we were to bear the consequences for being late to class! So we went around and did little shoppings. Alas the day~
Nevertheless we both enjoyed hanging out! And I've learnt that we both have quite an amount of same things in common. Well that's a very long story to tell the commons..
Oh and did I mention that this was also my very first time hanging out with Cing?



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HEY HEY people!

 Haven't been updating much so I think I'll take the time, which I hardly have, to update on what's been up to :)

First of all, the result for our law assessment had been given to us last Friday. Then came the Parents-Teachers' Day on the following day in which I did not attend. Hmm well, basically my mom and I did went to my college, but by the time we arrived and actually stepped into the college premise, only did we realized that it was deserted, left only the security guard to inform us that everyone has gone home. Now if you were to ask me the time when we arrived, it was 4p.m. *YIKES* Was just an hour or more before the lecturers left!
BAD LUCK INDEED! Then the next thing I worried about is how am I supposed to get my result?! Blood pressure risen, heart skipped quicker, dug into my bag to search for my mobile and dial to my college mates, instantly relieved a bit when told that the results will be mailed to us. *pheww* What A Drama! hahah!
Secondly, it's about how I feel. Which part? If you know me well am sure you can guess. Well okay I don't wanna be as if I'm trying to act mysterious or whatsoever. As you can see( try to act like you saw, please! ), I 've always top my academic performances in my list so yeah am gonna talk about studies right now! *sigh*
Currently just received one of my law assessment papers and the result is.. well not to say totally disappointing, but at least up to certain level. I got a 64% for my very very first assessment for law. Thanks to Raymond Kok who helped me a loads by giving me samples and model questions/answers. Seriously if it weren't those notes I wouldn't have get such a grade for this assessment so thanks a bunch! Next thing I gotta do is to improve :)

Lastly! wow like, finally! 
talkin' bout MOVIES!
Have seen Toy Story III in digital 3D, Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Despicable Me (3D) in three weeks' time!
Went to AEON with dear Justin to see Toy Story III a few weeks back when the movie just released. What can I say, this 3rd installation is the best ever in Toy Story's series. With the 3-Dimension technology, it just add to it's perfection! The storyline was awesome and after 13 years since its first installation, we finally get to meet all the toys once again! This time, it tripled the humor, the excitement, and of course, it played a tinge of nostalgia to create the tear-jerking scenes and guess what, I actually wept quietly without Justin knowing just to avoid from being a laughing stock for him to jest about.
 For this I shall rate it as 5/5 cause this movie truly deserves to be fully-rated!! An undoubtedly MUST-WATCH movie!


Then there's THE most anticipated movie of the year (for me), the most romantic, adventurous, hottest and the coolest vampire flick in my world, and prolly the real world, ladies & gentlemen, I feel honored to present you >>
The Twilight saga: ECLIPSE 
 Seriously I don't know where to start! My heart and my brain was frozen when it comes to Twilight! Just go watch it yourself and give your own wonderful remarks on it, kay?! 
Btw, I'm on Edward's side! TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY! But in the meantime, I LOVE JACOB oh-so-muchiee!
Oh boy.. Twilight is addictive! It's like my personal heroin! See?? I can't even say something without making a reference! Just a bit of adrenaline to pump through my veins, blood flowing steadily, with my heartbeat rising, and before you know it I'd have molten..
Just wanna stay up until TWILIGHT to see the NEW MOON there will hopefully be an ECLIPSE and I might see BREAKING DAWN till the MIDNIGHT SUN rises! Someday my prince will...wait wait scratch day my totally hot wolf/cool lion will come find their lamb-- ME
Thanks to Twilight! My fantasy world has never been so good..


Last! But sure as hell ain't the least..
Went with my love--May Ann,Chua to catch this movie. Thank God we've made it before it showed at 2.30pm because this was a last-minute decision for the both us!
please stop me from laughing, guys! This cartoon comedy flick is just incredibly marvelous!! It was indeed funnier than Toy Story III-- I laughed more in Despicable Me than I did in Toy Story III! Well I'm not prone to hyperbole in criticism, but this movie is the funniest in this summer! The Minions, which are that army of  little yellow creatures splashed all over the posters you see, are instant comedy! Whenever a scene is slow, they just throw them in and *poof* comedy ensues. HAHAH. Well it's pretty diabolic actually. These yellow little gremlins who don't speak English becoming the go-to release valve fro the film. But they are, and it works! I literally laughed my ass out throughout the whole movie!
Most importantly, Despicable Me is just DARNED CUTE!
I know cute isn't to the lofty level of  ''message storytelling'' but it can certainly be entertaining to watch. Especially for person like me, who's really needed a good laugh to release stress.
Great movie. Hilarious. Well played. LOVE IT!
So go out there and get Minioned! Take a younger human with you :)

p/s: Notice that this movie isn't from PIXAR nor DREAMWORKS

Anyhoos, that's practically how my days have been on recently! Omitted a lot of outing posts cause I'm not in a good mood to blog about those now. Aite. Imma go catch some zeds now cause it's already 2am sharp! 
Till the next.






Friday, July 2, 2010


@ Taylor's Lakeside Campus

  Bonjour peeps! 
Had a great Sunday last week with my college mates. We attended a play by William Shakespeare, the greatest writer in the English Language and the world's prominent dramatist. Thanks to Ms. Felicia, which is our English Literature's lecturer who organizes this wonderful event and let us have the chance to see such a famous play by the late Shakespeare.
Overall the play was fantastic and only did I realized that most of the actors and actresses are mass com's and journalism's student! But the feeling they had transmitted to the audience and by judging the way they acted in the play, somehow made me thought that they're from the school of performing art's! What a pleasant surprise. Credits to the introductory booklet given by the usherers which proved me wrong.
And not to forget Mr. Siva! GOSH he's such a growing child!! You guys should've seen his demanding face for a packet of Twisties! Such a baby..
And he actually cracked jokes and laugh like nobody's watching! The funniest part is when  he mimicked the way Countess Olivia walked in one of the scenes in the play with his elbow sticking to his waist, palms up, hands pointing outwards with the sexy hips shaking left to right when walking after he quoted the line :'' Please walk this way."
 He even suggested that we should have this more often. Obviously he was having fun and totally enjoying himself the day even more than we do!

It was yet another memorable day..

Camwhore in the bus with dear Christy

Whenever I  am with her I won't be afraid of anything and anyone cause i know eventually she'll come standing out for me. What's more can a friend asks for?
Besides, she's a very good advisor. An optimist. One of my counselor :D
I adore her straight-forwardness, sincerity and most importantly the determination she has very deep down inside. Like I said, appearances are deceptive.
If you don't know anyone, don't just go listen and find out details on that particular person from somebody else because what people said might just surprised you! What you've heard from people usually isn't the real fact.
But one thing which I see in this lady is her attitude which pretty much attracted me and immediately reminded me of baby Luyi~



Too bad May Ann wasn't there with us as she has a part-time job on weekends. One of the trios was m.i.a. no wonder I felt something missing. And I learned that it was her laugher! She's the one that would laugh at me even for the smallest&minor thing! I don't mind to be the laughing stock for her tho. I feel protective towards her but she said she feels the same for me!
haha. What to do?  We're sisters :D

My friends are psycho, mental, crazy, cuckoo, bizarre, unusual, ridiculous, outrageous, wild, they all belong in a whacky shack, and I love them to death!