Friday, July 2, 2010


@ Taylor's Lakeside Campus

  Bonjour peeps! 
Had a great Sunday last week with my college mates. We attended a play by William Shakespeare, the greatest writer in the English Language and the world's prominent dramatist. Thanks to Ms. Felicia, which is our English Literature's lecturer who organizes this wonderful event and let us have the chance to see such a famous play by the late Shakespeare.
Overall the play was fantastic and only did I realized that most of the actors and actresses are mass com's and journalism's student! But the feeling they had transmitted to the audience and by judging the way they acted in the play, somehow made me thought that they're from the school of performing art's! What a pleasant surprise. Credits to the introductory booklet given by the usherers which proved me wrong.
And not to forget Mr. Siva! GOSH he's such a growing child!! You guys should've seen his demanding face for a packet of Twisties! Such a baby..
And he actually cracked jokes and laugh like nobody's watching! The funniest part is when  he mimicked the way Countess Olivia walked in one of the scenes in the play with his elbow sticking to his waist, palms up, hands pointing outwards with the sexy hips shaking left to right when walking after he quoted the line :'' Please walk this way."
 He even suggested that we should have this more often. Obviously he was having fun and totally enjoying himself the day even more than we do!

It was yet another memorable day..

Camwhore in the bus with dear Christy

Whenever I  am with her I won't be afraid of anything and anyone cause i know eventually she'll come standing out for me. What's more can a friend asks for?
Besides, she's a very good advisor. An optimist. One of my counselor :D
I adore her straight-forwardness, sincerity and most importantly the determination she has very deep down inside. Like I said, appearances are deceptive.
If you don't know anyone, don't just go listen and find out details on that particular person from somebody else because what people said might just surprised you! What you've heard from people usually isn't the real fact.
But one thing which I see in this lady is her attitude which pretty much attracted me and immediately reminded me of baby Luyi~



Too bad May Ann wasn't there with us as she has a part-time job on weekends. One of the trios was m.i.a. no wonder I felt something missing. And I learned that it was her laugher! She's the one that would laugh at me even for the smallest&minor thing! I don't mind to be the laughing stock for her tho. I feel protective towards her but she said she feels the same for me!
haha. What to do?  We're sisters :D

My friends are psycho, mental, crazy, cuckoo, bizarre, unusual, ridiculous, outrageous, wild, they all belong in a whacky shack, and I love them to death! 





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