Saturday, July 24, 2010


I started to gain interest for Mr. Khor's Economic class. He became humorer than he was during the induction period and often takes me as an instance for his joke! Well just fyi, I am totally not offended with :)
I think mainly he did this is because I'm the noisiest student in his class and darned talkative and soso hyper, I have the audacity to talk, only in his class because Econ class has a few number of students unlike Law class which comprises almost 95 students ( and the law lecturers are friggin strict and are concerned about silence in class) while Accounting class made up of only 11 students, which I know, was very HUGE difference of numbers. One is enormously packed, one is so deserted and one is.. just nice..
And I used to have this habit of teasing Rachel Liaw and Surinder! That's very bad of me :D
Besides,  chatting with Rachel and May Ann makes me feel good. Girly bondings aside, those times when we share our piece of mind and very often discuss and ask questions on studies really help develop us a lot. 
And also very often May Ann and I got caught when we both started to speak to each other. I would say that Mr Khor has a very very sensitive ear towards hearing! Or maybe just being such sensitive towards my voice/Ann's voice. Until there was a time when he suggested May Ann to be a radio announcer in front of the class. That was really flattering with a sense of sarcastic and a lot of funny elements! hahaa
Well, speaking of studies, I just went to realize exam is coming very soon! Again the pressure filled me up. The voices in my head often remind me of study study study but frankly, I've always hindered by the doing-nothing and idle mood which lead me to procrastination and worsen my self-progression. It's time for me to pull my socks up and start revising. Seriously speaking. But taking action is the problem! As if the problem always exist.. Like I said, I really wanna study hard but being lazy is so much fun!
Aite, pinky promise I'll not be such a lazy bump. At least not to the level of wouldn't even lift my finger up lah..
Gosh I felt so guilty for not studying for the optional test. I even posted that I will sit for the test on the night before test on twitter and now I feel like slapping on my own face with the words I've spoken! Know why?! Because of that stupid LAN sub! I went studying the whole dumb notes on LAN till 4am+, only got to know that we were allowed to refer to our notes during the exam. Brilliant eh? superb. indeed.
Hence, I neglected my Law sub which was rather crucial to me then the fuggin LAN. C'mon! I've always scored an 'A' for my Sejarah in high school and after 5 years of studying that subject you expect me to pick up that ol' sub again? Think deep!
So relieved that LAN was over cause now imma going nuts over my accounting class with Mr. PMS Jasal!
I've never fancy accountings though both my parents have major in accountings. I took up the sub and ditch my favorite English Literature was because I got convinced that accountings are more easier to score in exams. Well I truly hope so! Cause since the  last two weeks I've came across the thought of dropping that sub and switch to Eng Literature. But then again, it's already July and one more week to ze month of August. Yet! Gory news is that accounting class for every Thursday will start at 10am and ends at 4pm starting next week because LAN class officially ended! Just picture my expressions after the announcement reached my ears. LAN, I regretted being so rude to you earlier.. Take me back? 
Oh April.. I wish that you own a fairy wand and change everything into a fairyland so that you can just live merrily in you own princess world and never got so distress.. Chatting away with talking animals over tea, frolicking with unicorns on the cloud in the blue sky, singing out loud with the birds and dancing with butterflies  in the breeze.. And the only thing for me to worry is when will I meet my Prince charming! Princess's blue I'll say.
Nice nice this is so nice but no matter how beautiful your dream is, you still have to wake up! Never felt weary of nursery rhymes & fairy tales albeit how hackneyed those stories are. Well that's me, after all,  my blog site's name says it all ;))



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