Thursday, July 29, 2010

weekends off   

Was supposed to attend the accounting extra class on last Saturday but instead went back to Malacca to visit the loveliest grandparents of mine. As usual, family and I went and stayed for one night before coming back on the next day. Wished we could've stayed longer but due to the classes we have on Monday we have no other options unless we choose to skip class which is, I would say, totally not my thingg.. *ahem*
Along our way, we headed to Nilai to pick up my cousin sis and together we went to Malacca. Two of my other cousin sis from Puchong & Sunway went back too. And know what? Even my long-lost contact cousin bro from JB came back! It was like a small reunion since CNY, except for the only unpleasant situation which somehow affected our emotions more or less when being reminded of it. I truly hope that this case will end as quick as possible. After all, how much longer could an old man be able to wait..
So we arrived around 11pm and after unpacking our stuffs, we went for Satay Celup as supper, and in my case it was my dinner. We took our satay celup at Ban Lee Hiang “万里香”@ Jln. Ong Kin Wee. There is another one named Capitol Satay Celup @ Lorong Bkt. Cina. I've heard that Malacca's Satay Celup is now available at USJ. Never been there before though..
Just to boast around, Malacca famed for it's little delicacies and this is one of the plethora kinds of food Malacca has to offer. Satay celup is a must eat food at Malacca. Satay celup is something like lok lok and steamboat with rich and spicy peanut sauce. 

 It's not those kind of lok-lok you've eaten in a mobile lok-lok truck that travels from one place to another and appears usually in the night market. This is wayy more tastier than those! Like seriously, I can't find no where besides Malacca for cheap good food. Be sure to drop by and enjoy. This place is heaven!

The rich and spicy peanut sauce in boiling pot.

Not much pix taken. Once the food was served I snapped as fast as I could and start digging in. Can't help. Too hungry. Stomach was growling at me. It went grrr....ROARRR! It always does that. bahahaa

On the next day, cousins and I went shopping at the new AEON Bandar Melaka. Like OMFG?! That was the largest AEON I had ever seen! I mean, just take a look into the two AEONs in my neighborhood. Tiny as pea! The new one's even worse! No cinema no karaoke stations no nothingg. All they have a lot is restaurants, which I wouldn't very much prefer to dine in cause I would've gone to those little cafe outside the mall. Okay cut the crap..
 After we did some shoppings around, we went to J.Co just before we headed home. Had yogurts and simply relaxed and enjoyed the icing yogurt with any type of toppings for us to choose from!

I like the way where they add a kissing lips symbol at the end of the poem. So vintage so romantic :))

 And while we were en route home, we pull up to this Nyonya house which sells Dodol and pineapple biscuits. All freshly-made! The lady boss told us that it takes 7 different labors to make one pineapple biscuit. CAN YOU BELIEVE?! Well but I was quite convinced. I got to snapped photos of a lady  where she was decorating the biscuit. And immediate feeling was surprised because if this minor part of making this biscuit used up one unit of labor force, is it the same where moulding the shape, mixing the ingredients, placing the biscuits neatly&accordingly onto the trays, putting it into the oven, and last packing and arranging them all takes up different people to do them? Oh right. Maybe that's their ways of production from the old days and still adapting the method till today. Anyway, boy have you eaten just a bite of the pineapple biscuits and am sure you'll come your way asking for more!
I was such a lucky star to get the fresh-from-oven pineapple biscuits because they were all sold out before I arrived! The 15 minutes waiting for the biscuits to be well-baked was all worth it..
 Before the deco.

Placing the confetti deco neatly on the biscuits.

The production room.

I had a miserable headache on that day after I came back from the mall. Slept from evening till 9 and had a light dinner before going back home. This was practically my weekend. Full and easy. Going back to Malacca really gives me the feel to just relax and do nothing off-net, off-study, and off-the havoc from my regular scheduled life. No fuss no hassle.
Clear blue sky, I can easily cycle or walk to the beach behind my grandma's house just to get the feel of I'm on a vacation. What? You think I will imagine that I'm a mermaid huh?  



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