Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Golf no boring NO.

When piggy boy first knew I was so into playing golf, he couldn't help but to laugh at me. Okay not only did he laughed, he teased about golf being so boring and mundane without excitement and so dull. He said golf is only a game for uncles and for socialising purposes that makes him dread! He thinks it's a dumb game. I was speechless. I could not bear to listen to someone who degrades golf as a game for nerds! I gave him a stern look. A face that looked like this (-.-) 
Okay it was just squishy eyes and lips pursed that is all.But it did wonders! Cause when i flashed my stoned look at him, he instantly changed his attitude and start pleasing me, hoping that i wouldn't be unhappy or get mad over it. And you know the way he made me smile was so cute and so warm that i wanted to hug him so bad. He even agreed upon playing golf together with me! Having someone who loathes golf so friggin much yet willing to give it a try for girlfriend's sake, my heart melted.  

Been playing golf since the age of 12, ever since daddy bought me a set of golf clubs as my birthday present that year, which I was tremendously shocked. Daddy would then bring us to the driving range at least once in a week and would coach us to play the game.

 Occasionally, I do shoot some balls once every full moon. Releasing this bottled up feelings within, more like venting my anger in every drive.

 Not to say I've found the thrill in playing this game but I wouldn't say no to it. I know dad was earnest about playing it and i think it's the business network he's after.

 All things aside. I do love the 'thud' sound when the club hits the ball! Gives me a sense of achievement. Though i know i hit not very far. At most 50m. And I got blisters before I manage to tackle all the golf balls in a bucket which is the way the balls are presented to us.
Anyway I still wouldn't give up :) 
 OH and thanks piggy boy for these candid pictures. Uhm the 3rd one wasn't candid as I was sticking my tongue out looking at the camera. 
 Till the next!




Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hi there, Blondy!


  Once i came out of the movie theatre, i tweeted to my twitter profile about this spectacularly awesome cartoon flick and called it as a movie loaded with humour, action, fun, heart, and hair. A helluva lot of HAIR! Well and to confess, I did cried at some scenes.
Tangled made me believe in Disney magic again. This is not a damsel in distress movie, this is all about being a powerful woman and using the men that are willing to help you. I really enjoyed this film because it was very woman empowering, teaching girls to be brave and outgoing instead of teaching them to lay around waiting for a man to come around and save you.
This movie is a delight for anyone who's overcome fear to break out of a bad situation. I really LOVED THIS FILM and i think it would be a treat for the entire family! And btw, I downloaded it's movie soundtrack too. The combination of a simple message, spectacular songs, and mesmerizing animation makes it a winner;D 
Although it's somehow different from the story I've read when I was s kid, this was beautifully rendered, and a great story.
Despite it's difference, I highly recommend this movie. Even my sister's boyfriend enjoyed this cartoon! You know, boys are just being boys, they don't really much fancy cartoons especially princess themed movie do they?


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have A Pedi Day


 Cyrus babe buzzed me two weeks before for a day out for pedicure while I was still in Malacca. Obviously I couldn't go if I ain't in KL so we agreed on Thursday which was exactly one week ago from the day I post this up. Right peeps in case you'd ask me what made me procrastinated for so long, I guess it was because I hang out more often. After all, I wanna enjoy and date with my boyfriend double the times we used to, before I head back to the nut house called college again. Okay enough with the phrase "college". The slightest mention of it makes me dread! Let alone going back to this place. Besides, often my head says "Get Moving" but my body replied "Later!". Apparently it has taken its toll on me, by resulting late postings I seemed to have adopted this habit. Very bad habit I know.

Here's a few pictures we've taken on that day. 

 Me & Cyrus

 Snips bail bar.

Relaxing and enjoying the service Snips has to offer.
My pick of colour -Blinky pink!
FYI, I love pink as crazy as you can never imagine.
Yes I'm living in my own fantasy world where pink is everything and  fairy tales do exist in which I'm a princess of a huge and affluent kingdom whereby prince charming in his shining armour on a white horse comes all the way from far away land searching for me. You're welcome to visit me though! If you like..

Placing my feet under this small drying machine until the colours are all dry and Voila. Petite painted toe nails me have!

 Cyrus busy socialising through his iPhone 4. 

An extra 10 bucks will be charged on males for pedis, as we were told.
Well not specifically telling me, but the voice of the service crew was loud enough for the whole nail salon to be heard. Luckily there were only both of us and no other customers. I hope this is not the reason why the customer's seats are vacant and the the reason why the man power was aimlessly wandering around without getting themselves busy into business. Oops.
But the crew who serviced me was.. Not bad. Really :)
If I hadn't mistaken, her name's Angel. Do specify her if you tend to visit the nail salon at Snips! 
Looking forward to my next visit. If only I had more bucks in my purse of course. 


Monday, November 22, 2010

A Tangled Tale!

Rapunzel was one of my favourite and most fancied classic story tales during childhood! And I remember the very initial reason why I wanted to grow my hair as long as I can was due to the long, golden brown hair of Rapunzels regardless the possibilities of getting my hair all tangled up and might suffer from a serious hair-loss when I try to comb my hair exasperately when it is tangled.
Besides, long hair made me feel like I'm a princess where I often style and tie my long and smooth hair up nicely and will then place a blinky tiara on my head to give me the princess look. I don't know it's me or I think princess should have long hair if not why do Disney's princesses all don a long lovely hair?
Back to tale. I was at first, quite amazingly suprised of how Disney would be able to make this story into a flick cause as I remembered (well I  remember the WHOLE story in book to be precise), Rapunzel was nothing but a short, romantic, usual wicked witch-versus-princess-and-prince-charming story with nothing else to be making us laughing. Instead one should have cried and weep for it's melancholy for never was a story of more woe than this of Rapunzel and her prince. Of course this is to be the case IF you have read the story itself originally.
This story contains absolutely none of the humour elements. But when I saw the trailer it evident that I was wrong! Even by watching its trailer, I literally busted out laughing when I see how the male protagonist act in this cartoon comedy! Now it's really odd that I categorise it as a comedy (thinking bout the fact that it was originally a subtle love story) but this is what and how this flick was being promoted as.
Well let's just say this is a modernised Rapunzel story then maybe this sounds more convincing, yes?
I'm so positively, totally, definitely, completely, awesomely gonna see this cartoon movie! Stick around to check out my reviews after seeing it ;)


The first official trailer of Tangled. Viewable in High-Definition.

And here's a short video. Rapunzel featurette.

And by the way I just booked my tix for this movie on Thursday, exactly on the day the Rapunzel unleashes her locks in theatres! Can't wait!




Sunday, November 21, 2010

Love is in the air.

Me and my boyfriend have been together since the end of August. The story of how we got together still lingers on my mind. From the day i first saw him to the way he wooed me and then we started texting each other. Until we first talked on the phone and meet up. We were so shy at that time. I didn't think we would be where we are now. He's not my first love. But back then I don't remember I was this shy when i was with my first and my ex-es. Maybe he was different. Or this time, my love is different. I was boggled but i don't mind this question no more. I didn't fell in love, i tripped in love. And that explains to me why i love him so much and find it so hard to pull myself back. I can't unlove him. He's my piggy boy. I never thought we would be together and never thought i'd in love with him, as i always fell for the wrong guy in my previous relationships. From absolute strangers to lovers, cupid must have been above us all the time setting us up :))
We use to have breakfast every Monday morning. He'd come to my place and together I'd drove off to my college and we'll have breakfast somewhere around there. Slowly, this became a habit we both couldn't stop doing. And often every Wednesday or Thursday, we'd have dinner together. Too bad i didn't take any of his pictures. I didn't even have a picture with him though! He would use his masculine deep voice and start venting gently but in the mean time, a bit childishly and blame me over things. But i admit that most of the time, I was the one who created minor problems. I don't mind him pointing me out cause i believe in every relationship, one must be true. It's somehow really pathetic when some people would rather listen to lies that will make them smile rather than the truth that hurts them because they cannot handle the truth. Then where would the value and sincerity be in the relationship, i may ask? What is a relationship without complications? Bumps in the road are what keep us awake.
Together, we would create lots of moments. He'd sing me love songs every night and send me to dreamland. We bickered often, but i take it as colours to our chapters of life. I approach all problems that come our way with intention. It was when our communication lines are clear, things worked out. I think toleration has much to do with it too. To have a strong, loving relationship requires absence of fear and willingness to take chances.
 Without him around, i feel like having a McD kid's meal without a toy inside. If he were here, or I was there, think of how much fun we'd be having now! I feel complete with him around me.
Though I can't hold him as i like, or talk to him as i wished, but in my heart, i know i love him. And i care with all my heart. Just a simple smile from him gives me a thousand of butterflies in my stomach.
Jovially speaking, I've already mastered the art of missing someone cause that's what i do most of the time!
Relationship doesn't made in a night. It comes a long way. And one thing i'm certain for now, that the certain someone in my mind, will have me loving him for just two moments in life. Now and Forever.
I wish life came with a remote. So that I can pause the happy times and stop so it could restart. Great things take time to build.
I'm looking forward to seeing you and I create history and the beautiful moments in life. Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime.We'll take the best, forget the rest, and someday we'll find these are the best of times.




Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ahoy! High School mateys!
Months ago, I was invited by my former high school friend, Justin, to attend a class gathering at AEON Cheras Selatan.Without dilly-dallying and further considering, I clicked on the 'Attend' button on Facebook. I think it was probably because I was not afraid that I might have a second thought or something at that time. And why would I have any hesitation to go meet up my dear friends who shared and created memories together with me during high school days? 

Mint and Mei Yee

Mint & Sook Man

Cole Yau. The FUNNIEST & COOLEST FEMALE in our class. She just lovesss to read Chinese fictions!

Group pic ;)
Sorry dear Wai Kang. And thanks for helping us girls to snap this pic. OH WAIT! Leong Boon is a guy. *yikes*

Mint (the hyper) & moi.

Mei Yee (the talkaholic)

 Sook Man the girl who has funny chracteristics

Mei Yee Wong. Cool girl. Simply easy-going and warm with a funny sense.

These were the survivors of the gathering. Most of them went back after the movie.
Walking up the stairs to Ampang Look Out Point.

The scenery is just... Beautiful. Needless to say more.

The place where we had our dinner.


Ending this post with a picturesque photo of the look out point. Makes me wanna go there more often to have enough of looking at this awesome outlook. Just couldn't get enough.

I wish my house were built he on top of the hill! Look! KL Tower is right in the middle of me! awww

A day spent with friends is a day well spent. It feeds our soul, ticks you back to the time you most missed it. Especially with friends who's fun. I call it, MOMENT.