Monday, November 22, 2010

A Tangled Tale!

Rapunzel was one of my favourite and most fancied classic story tales during childhood! And I remember the very initial reason why I wanted to grow my hair as long as I can was due to the long, golden brown hair of Rapunzels regardless the possibilities of getting my hair all tangled up and might suffer from a serious hair-loss when I try to comb my hair exasperately when it is tangled.
Besides, long hair made me feel like I'm a princess where I often style and tie my long and smooth hair up nicely and will then place a blinky tiara on my head to give me the princess look. I don't know it's me or I think princess should have long hair if not why do Disney's princesses all don a long lovely hair?
Back to tale. I was at first, quite amazingly suprised of how Disney would be able to make this story into a flick cause as I remembered (well I  remember the WHOLE story in book to be precise), Rapunzel was nothing but a short, romantic, usual wicked witch-versus-princess-and-prince-charming story with nothing else to be making us laughing. Instead one should have cried and weep for it's melancholy for never was a story of more woe than this of Rapunzel and her prince. Of course this is to be the case IF you have read the story itself originally.
This story contains absolutely none of the humour elements. But when I saw the trailer it evident that I was wrong! Even by watching its trailer, I literally busted out laughing when I see how the male protagonist act in this cartoon comedy! Now it's really odd that I categorise it as a comedy (thinking bout the fact that it was originally a subtle love story) but this is what and how this flick was being promoted as.
Well let's just say this is a modernised Rapunzel story then maybe this sounds more convincing, yes?
I'm so positively, totally, definitely, completely, awesomely gonna see this cartoon movie! Stick around to check out my reviews after seeing it ;)


The first official trailer of Tangled. Viewable in High-Definition.

And here's a short video. Rapunzel featurette.

And by the way I just booked my tix for this movie on Thursday, exactly on the day the Rapunzel unleashes her locks in theatres! Can't wait!




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