Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hi there, Blondy!


  Once i came out of the movie theatre, i tweeted to my twitter profile about this spectacularly awesome cartoon flick and called it as a movie loaded with humour, action, fun, heart, and hair. A helluva lot of HAIR! Well and to confess, I did cried at some scenes.
Tangled made me believe in Disney magic again. This is not a damsel in distress movie, this is all about being a powerful woman and using the men that are willing to help you. I really enjoyed this film because it was very woman empowering, teaching girls to be brave and outgoing instead of teaching them to lay around waiting for a man to come around and save you.
This movie is a delight for anyone who's overcome fear to break out of a bad situation. I really LOVED THIS FILM and i think it would be a treat for the entire family! And btw, I downloaded it's movie soundtrack too. The combination of a simple message, spectacular songs, and mesmerizing animation makes it a winner;D 
Although it's somehow different from the story I've read when I was s kid, this was beautifully rendered, and a great story.
Despite it's difference, I highly recommend this movie. Even my sister's boyfriend enjoyed this cartoon! You know, boys are just being boys, they don't really much fancy cartoons especially princess themed movie do they?


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  1. I only get to watch it next Wed and I've been hearing lotsa good comments abt this movie, can't wait to watch it alrdy! :D