Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ahoy! High School mateys!
Months ago, I was invited by my former high school friend, Justin, to attend a class gathering at AEON Cheras Selatan.Without dilly-dallying and further considering, I clicked on the 'Attend' button on Facebook. I think it was probably because I was not afraid that I might have a second thought or something at that time. And why would I have any hesitation to go meet up my dear friends who shared and created memories together with me during high school days? 

Mint and Mei Yee

Mint & Sook Man

Cole Yau. The FUNNIEST & COOLEST FEMALE in our class. She just lovesss to read Chinese fictions!

Group pic ;)
Sorry dear Wai Kang. And thanks for helping us girls to snap this pic. OH WAIT! Leong Boon is a guy. *yikes*

Mint (the hyper) & moi.

Mei Yee (the talkaholic)

 Sook Man the girl who has funny chracteristics

Mei Yee Wong. Cool girl. Simply easy-going and warm with a funny sense.

These were the survivors of the gathering. Most of them went back after the movie.
Walking up the stairs to Ampang Look Out Point.

The scenery is just... Beautiful. Needless to say more.

The place where we had our dinner.


Ending this post with a picturesque photo of the look out point. Makes me wanna go there more often to have enough of looking at this awesome outlook. Just couldn't get enough.

I wish my house were built he on top of the hill! Look! KL Tower is right in the middle of me! awww

A day spent with friends is a day well spent. It feeds our soul, ticks you back to the time you most missed it. Especially with friends who's fun. I call it, MOMENT.




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