Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have A Pedi Day


 Cyrus babe buzzed me two weeks before for a day out for pedicure while I was still in Malacca. Obviously I couldn't go if I ain't in KL so we agreed on Thursday which was exactly one week ago from the day I post this up. Right peeps in case you'd ask me what made me procrastinated for so long, I guess it was because I hang out more often. After all, I wanna enjoy and date with my boyfriend double the times we used to, before I head back to the nut house called college again. Okay enough with the phrase "college". The slightest mention of it makes me dread! Let alone going back to this place. Besides, often my head says "Get Moving" but my body replied "Later!". Apparently it has taken its toll on me, by resulting late postings I seemed to have adopted this habit. Very bad habit I know.

Here's a few pictures we've taken on that day. 

 Me & Cyrus

 Snips bail bar.

Relaxing and enjoying the service Snips has to offer.
My pick of colour -Blinky pink!
FYI, I love pink as crazy as you can never imagine.
Yes I'm living in my own fantasy world where pink is everything and  fairy tales do exist in which I'm a princess of a huge and affluent kingdom whereby prince charming in his shining armour on a white horse comes all the way from far away land searching for me. You're welcome to visit me though! If you like..

Placing my feet under this small drying machine until the colours are all dry and Voila. Petite painted toe nails me have!

 Cyrus busy socialising through his iPhone 4. 

An extra 10 bucks will be charged on males for pedis, as we were told.
Well not specifically telling me, but the voice of the service crew was loud enough for the whole nail salon to be heard. Luckily there were only both of us and no other customers. I hope this is not the reason why the customer's seats are vacant and the the reason why the man power was aimlessly wandering around without getting themselves busy into business. Oops.
But the crew who serviced me was.. Not bad. Really :)
If I hadn't mistaken, her name's Angel. Do specify her if you tend to visit the nail salon at Snips! 
Looking forward to my next visit. If only I had more bucks in my purse of course. 


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  1. Where is snips located btw and how much is the pedi? :P I love pink too but not as much as you for sure (;