Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One more paper to go and I'm bouncing and hopping like a lil girl tomorrow!!
Hope this last paper means good luck for me.
Account's paper 2 today was like sh*t..
It was a total hash!
Okay or maybe it's just me..
I don't really made huge effort studying account during the raya hols.
Unlike my parents, they were good at these.
Sometimes I feel embarrassing to tell people my mom's an accountant but now *tahaa* she's not anymore.

Awhh the tormenting days are gonna end and I'm so effing excited to fling out chillin!
Exams screwed up my hols!
Tomorrow... I'm equipped to seek for redemption!



Sunday, September 27, 2009

I felt so terrible.
I turned Elaine and Jessica down for hanging out with them.
This is like the second or third time I've turned them down!
But I promised them that I WILL catch them up after this coming Wednesday.
And... duhh
School starts tomorrow!
** BOO **

Sorry girls..
Let's finish what we've to deal with first alright?
You know who loves ya!



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sin Chen & Cyrus' 17th Birthday Party @ Venice Hill

Hello darling readers!
You guys miss me?
** laughs **

Sorry for not updating my blog.

I was so busy these days.
I went for a function last Saturday.
Went to Sunway and meet my cousin on Monday.
Went to babe Cyrus' 17th Birthday bash last night (22nd).

I got so much to tell.
SO MUCH and I don't know where to start.

But I like to tell more about what's happening last night.
So I think I'll just skip the two pending post and just spill about last night's event.
But before I start, I would like to give extra credits to Luyi babe, the host of this par
ty, who claims that this is her virgin-mary time to organize this party.
She did a wonderful job!

** applauses **


I was supposed to go there at 2 or 3 p.m. to help prepare foo
But I turned them down cause I had to take care my own stuffs at home first before I could do something else.
And mommy was sick yesterday.
She had a cold and a light fever.
So I help her with the chores a bit and a round, here and there which is why I ca
n't go there early.

I reached at 7+ p.m. and thankfully that the steamboat dinner hasn't started.
After bonding with my friends and the Birthday boy--
Cyrus as well as the Birthday girl--Shin Chen, we started our dinner.

my hair undone yet.
No time to curl so I just got em' tied up.

The birthday babe & me

The Birthday Babe-- Cyrus & me

We have a huge array of food selection but I ate only fishballs, paper-wrapped chicken and canned shrooms, which I LOVE very very much.

After the dinner comes the cake-cutting session and the photo-snapping moment of the entire guests.

make a wish...

and blow the candles!

Ray turned into a red hot chili CRAB!!

Cyrus has tipsy eyes!!
CUTE !!!


We were like dividing into different gangs after that.

Me, Evon and Shin Chen sticks together as if we were glued.
Quite some number of guests we don't really know attended the partay which make us f
ell a lil de trop.
But soon we get to know some of them and found that they're actually nice, friendly, easy-going and helpful.
And we get free flow of boost that night!

So it's very obvious to see if anyone has gone CUCKOO.

Evon babe & me

Birthday babe-- Shin Chen & me

Can she be mine?
She's like SUGAR !!

Nice guy Kevin & me

Aww I like this pic ~

and this!

But I personally LOVE this pic..

me & ma girlfriends!!

Babe Luyi kissed me!

Maybe we should give these love birds a bit privacy..

Babe Luyi asked me to stay there for a night but it was after when I called mom to come pick me up.
Yet I have no pyjamas with me and my pillows
She told me that babe Evon dominate the whole room alone.
I thought :'' WOW she's so brave! ''
Yes she's brave.
Brave enough to accompany me to the lobby and went up all by herself in the still of the night!!
And man!
She wore mini thongs and helter neck blouse which is so piping HOT on her, have no qualms going back to the condo on her own!!


I got back home, took some pictures, wash-up , did some reading then off to bed!

To conclude, I had fun that night!
Bumped into my friends and of course, made new friends as well.

P/S ::

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest coussie Kwee Ling!!
wish you all the BEST in your life!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Random Post

Right now I hope that I won't fall sick tomorrow.
I got a sore throat since yesterday.
I am SO worry that I might caught a fever or a flu that I swallow as many Vitamin C tablets as I can and a garlic tablet.
Besides, I drank plenty of water and avoid oily fried foods even I am so tempted by them.
I'm belly-full of H2O..

Heavy rain right now.
You know what that means?
It means that I have to leave the computer screen alone and go sleep!
Nahh~ Was just kidding.
What I like to do most during rainy days is to lie down on the couch, munching finger food and enjoy my favorite DVD or sitcoms!
Simple yet cozy.
Pretty much a heaven-like thing to me.

Gotta go for now!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bring Me To Life

I'm beginning to see the unsystematic planning of scheduling middle-school's local examination's time table of our xxx department!
Why can't they just let us finish our history papers in 1 day?!
Some people just got no brain.
They happen to make people confuse on their so-called very well planning.
Ahh very well.

I've been feeding myself to books these days and now, I'm getting quite fed up.
But thanks to my friends and my dearest family who pep me up while I was so down and exhausted and fatigued.
A simple text message and a simple word like "Good Luck, April!" or "You can do it! " really helps.
This is magic.
You guys were so great.
Love ya'll much.

I fell like wanna sing now.
Singing cures me.
And that's magic too.
Calling my sis and my coussie...
And off I go to Sunway!
But what's more important now, is that I've to convince mommy to let me drive her car.
Again I repeated doing the same thing I aways did since I got my driver's license.

Have a nice day everyone!



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I can hardly wait for this exam to over.
It's nothing but stress and more stress!!

Add math and history exam ahead.
I'm dying.
I've no confident.
Better getcha fingers crossed for me!

( x____x )

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sending an SOS

I was being really really disturbed since the day before yesterday.
It seemed like mom woke up at the wrong side of the bed.
Once I woke up, I heard nothing but her nagging.
At the dining table, in the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen everywhere!

She even got so INSANE that she hurl verbal abuses on me!
Something really isn't right.
She doesn't use to have a foul mouth.
She throws a fierce glance at me whenever I look at her.
She looked like a tigress-gone-mad.
Totally cray-zehh !!

Fortunately she got better right now.
I didn't get the chance to talk to her for 2 days!
Now who will want to provoke Mommy the Great while she is at the midst of her indignant?

This made me think that maybe it's time for me to concern my mom.
Maybe she had problems with her job.
Maybe she had too much work to do.
Maybe she just merely stressed out.
Or maybe she craved for attention us children often neglect about?

Whatever it is, I hope I'm a helping hand to her, not causing additional burden to her.
All I want her to know is that she can seek ancillary from her children.
What's the point keeping it in?
After all, I'm quite an apprehensive child.
There shouldn't be gap between us.

Cheer up, mom!

note: I found myself writing this post in 3 min. time! Great speed! =)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 31st August Malaysia!

I know I'm so late to post about Merdeka besides I'm not gonna post about Merdeka as well as anything about my wonderful weekend at my gramma's house.
My trial exam started today and I need to get things done quickly.

back to school after ten glorious days off.
Now starting stages of death as I mourn my vacation..
and that trial exam which makes me go down down down.

I got good news though.
My neighbor's
maintenance were done.
They're really screwing up my morning routine before this.

Now everything seems back on trail.
my serenity!

Right let's talk about today.
I consider today as my MOST unlucky day.
How irony!
I was sharing the good news a few seconds ago and now I was about to spill the bad news.
I think I've never encounter so much unfortunate incidents in my life in a row in the afternoon!
Lemme count the ways :
First, the stupid bus driver dropped me so far away from home and I walked home for like 15 minutes?
Yet it's raining and I didn't bring my umbrella along with me!
So I ended up walking home in the rain and I reached home like I've just emerged from the pool.
But this isn't the end.
My nightmare came.
I forgot to bring my keys.
my keys my keys my keys

oh M E R C Y !

No one's at home.
I didn't bring my cell phone so I planned to borrow from stranger and call dear mom to come back at once.
I waited for somebody to pass by.
I saw Mrs. Umar drove home and ran to her.
Mrs. Umar was so kind that she handed me her mobile and went into her house without feeling dubious about me if I went home with her mobile.
She even invited me to her house while waiting for mom.
But I refused.
I was too shy and we're not very close to each other as we seldom talk, just nodded acquaintances when we see each other.

I waited in my front yard.
15 minutes over.. No sign of anyone coming back.
I needed to pee, which pretty doubles my anxiousness.
Another 15 minutes, I saw Cassie came instead of mom.
So it's Cassie who came to my rescue.
Thanks woman!

And that is all.
Nightmare ended.
Freakin scary!
Alone in the parking lot, raining, cold, hungry, tired, all wet, stiff wind, stray dogs!
This is not a fun experience.
Take my words,
Don't attempt to try even if you wanna try something new.
I kid you not!