Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 31st August Malaysia!

I know I'm so late to post about Merdeka besides I'm not gonna post about Merdeka as well as anything about my wonderful weekend at my gramma's house.
My trial exam started today and I need to get things done quickly.

back to school after ten glorious days off.
Now starting stages of death as I mourn my vacation..
and that trial exam which makes me go down down down.

I got good news though.
My neighbor's
maintenance were done.
They're really screwing up my morning routine before this.

Now everything seems back on trail.
my serenity!

Right let's talk about today.
I consider today as my MOST unlucky day.
How irony!
I was sharing the good news a few seconds ago and now I was about to spill the bad news.
I think I've never encounter so much unfortunate incidents in my life in a row in the afternoon!
Lemme count the ways :
First, the stupid bus driver dropped me so far away from home and I walked home for like 15 minutes?
Yet it's raining and I didn't bring my umbrella along with me!
So I ended up walking home in the rain and I reached home like I've just emerged from the pool.
But this isn't the end.
My nightmare came.
I forgot to bring my keys.
my keys my keys my keys

oh M E R C Y !

No one's at home.
I didn't bring my cell phone so I planned to borrow from stranger and call dear mom to come back at once.
I waited for somebody to pass by.
I saw Mrs. Umar drove home and ran to her.
Mrs. Umar was so kind that she handed me her mobile and went into her house without feeling dubious about me if I went home with her mobile.
She even invited me to her house while waiting for mom.
But I refused.
I was too shy and we're not very close to each other as we seldom talk, just nodded acquaintances when we see each other.

I waited in my front yard.
15 minutes over.. No sign of anyone coming back.
I needed to pee, which pretty doubles my anxiousness.
Another 15 minutes, I saw Cassie came instead of mom.
So it's Cassie who came to my rescue.
Thanks woman!

And that is all.
Nightmare ended.
Freakin scary!
Alone in the parking lot, raining, cold, hungry, tired, all wet, stiff wind, stray dogs!
This is not a fun experience.
Take my words,
Don't attempt to try even if you wanna try something new.
I kid you not!