Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bring Me To Life

I'm beginning to see the unsystematic planning of scheduling middle-school's local examination's time table of our xxx department!
Why can't they just let us finish our history papers in 1 day?!
Some people just got no brain.
They happen to make people confuse on their so-called very well planning.
Ahh very well.

I've been feeding myself to books these days and now, I'm getting quite fed up.
But thanks to my friends and my dearest family who pep me up while I was so down and exhausted and fatigued.
A simple text message and a simple word like "Good Luck, April!" or "You can do it! " really helps.
This is magic.
You guys were so great.
Love ya'll much.

I fell like wanna sing now.
Singing cures me.
And that's magic too.
Calling my sis and my coussie...
And off I go to Sunway!
But what's more important now, is that I've to convince mommy to let me drive her car.
Again I repeated doing the same thing I aways did since I got my driver's license.

Have a nice day everyone!



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