Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sin Chen & Cyrus' 17th Birthday Party @ Venice Hill

Hello darling readers!
You guys miss me?
** laughs **

Sorry for not updating my blog.

I was so busy these days.
I went for a function last Saturday.
Went to Sunway and meet my cousin on Monday.
Went to babe Cyrus' 17th Birthday bash last night (22nd).

I got so much to tell.
SO MUCH and I don't know where to start.

But I like to tell more about what's happening last night.
So I think I'll just skip the two pending post and just spill about last night's event.
But before I start, I would like to give extra credits to Luyi babe, the host of this par
ty, who claims that this is her virgin-mary time to organize this party.
She did a wonderful job!

** applauses **


I was supposed to go there at 2 or 3 p.m. to help prepare foo
But I turned them down cause I had to take care my own stuffs at home first before I could do something else.
And mommy was sick yesterday.
She had a cold and a light fever.
So I help her with the chores a bit and a round, here and there which is why I ca
n't go there early.

I reached at 7+ p.m. and thankfully that the steamboat dinner hasn't started.
After bonding with my friends and the Birthday boy--
Cyrus as well as the Birthday girl--Shin Chen, we started our dinner.

my hair undone yet.
No time to curl so I just got em' tied up.

The birthday babe & me

The Birthday Babe-- Cyrus & me

We have a huge array of food selection but I ate only fishballs, paper-wrapped chicken and canned shrooms, which I LOVE very very much.

After the dinner comes the cake-cutting session and the photo-snapping moment of the entire guests.

make a wish...

and blow the candles!

Ray turned into a red hot chili CRAB!!

Cyrus has tipsy eyes!!
CUTE !!!


We were like dividing into different gangs after that.

Me, Evon and Shin Chen sticks together as if we were glued.
Quite some number of guests we don't really know attended the partay which make us f
ell a lil de trop.
But soon we get to know some of them and found that they're actually nice, friendly, easy-going and helpful.
And we get free flow of boost that night!

So it's very obvious to see if anyone has gone CUCKOO.

Evon babe & me

Birthday babe-- Shin Chen & me

Can she be mine?
She's like SUGAR !!

Nice guy Kevin & me

Aww I like this pic ~

and this!

But I personally LOVE this pic..

me & ma girlfriends!!

Babe Luyi kissed me!

Maybe we should give these love birds a bit privacy..

Babe Luyi asked me to stay there for a night but it was after when I called mom to come pick me up.
Yet I have no pyjamas with me and my pillows
She told me that babe Evon dominate the whole room alone.
I thought :'' WOW she's so brave! ''
Yes she's brave.
Brave enough to accompany me to the lobby and went up all by herself in the still of the night!!
And man!
She wore mini thongs and helter neck blouse which is so piping HOT on her, have no qualms going back to the condo on her own!!


I got back home, took some pictures, wash-up , did some reading then off to bed!

To conclude, I had fun that night!
Bumped into my friends and of course, made new friends as well.

P/S ::

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest coussie Kwee Ling!!
wish you all the BEST in your life!


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