Monday, April 19, 2010


Is it possible that someone actually died of having ulcers?
Seriously I don't know what's with me.
I recovered from a terrible cold a week ago and now came the tormenting ulcers underneath my tongue.
My immune system is attacked once again. Three freaking painful x10000 yellowish ulcer!
It seems like the devil haven't finished with me yet.
My allowances are about to be used up. Hell like now's the 19th? And I left like 15% of my monthly allowances?!
So wadda heck am I going to shop for the rest of the month?! Or even to eat??
My sis's birthday is on the 29th. What can I expect myself to buy something decent for her?
So much ranting so much whining.
Fortunately mommy helped me with the book fees or else I'm gonna kill myself for spending so much on I-don't-know-where.
Seriously! I don't have a credit card cause mommy doesn't encourage me to use. But I guess she just doesn't wanna spoil me with it lol. You know the ladies...
Unlike high school, expenses were low cause foods sold in the canteen were cheap. But now?
Without at least a RM5 note in your purse don't you expect to have a well-satisfy meal. It's either you eat or you drink. You can't do more with less than RM5. I kid you not!
So don't laugh.


Too bad.
You laughed. So bye!

Not so fast, people!
I haven't finished ranting yet!
So sit down, hush and listen up.
You know there's this thing call decisiveness. OH I swear I want it so bad!
I can't make my choices on what to choose or which I like better.
In the pass, my decisions were made putting my needs and wants as my very first priority.
This case, situations different. I'm no longer in those days when I had to choose between a Barbie or a pink tote because in the end when I started throwing tantrums I get them both. Mostly were.
But not now. The little April has grown 18. See the fattest number there? The BIG 8 there?
 Where is my Guardian Angel?!
Okay, run along, peeps. Do come back again. Don't wanna hear me rant?
Well just pray for me then. Cause I had 3 pending birthday posts coming up which I don't wish to screw it and let aside.

Bless y'all dears and dearss


Friday, April 2, 2010

My 18Th Birthday

I'm an adult! I'm an adult! I'm an adult!

No longer limited to selected movies, activities and whatever may hinder me from doing it just because I'm
under age!
Alright it doesn't mean I can go as wild and as crazy but at least I can cut down those unhandy procedures and what's more perking? I'm 18, eligible to get freedom from my parents!
Right I know because I'm not 21 and I haven't got that locket from mommy. Don't get blur and confused. It's a Chinese kind of a tradition where parent shall give a golden locket to their child when they reached the age of 21 as a sign of freedom and no longer being under parents' wings. To prove that you're already a grown-up to be exact.
Cease the blathers.
The day before my birthday, I decided to go karaoke with my some of my college mates after we had class and so we headed to
Neway since.

Christy Tay's missing in action on that day.

Lobster(YingJun). Scored
13A in spm!


Victoria Koh

Suk Chen

Stephanie Ng


I was as usual, reached college around 9 a.m. and went to the library then enterd classroom when class is about to start. It was until Fatin called me and wanted to have a picture with me.
While I approach her from the back door she dragged me effortlessly to the front door and brought me in, where, at my first sight, a rich chocolate-walnut brownie with an illuminated candle was placed infront of the entire class! And without dilly-dallys, someone started counting to 3 and everyone was singing the birthday song to me..
Tear-jerking! Was so touched.
Heart really melted as Kathryn and the other 6 friends of hers handed me my birthday present they bought. How sweet of them..

Oh and Gauthamy! She brought me a pair of Melissa's cherry red flats that costs RM400 WOW!
Overwhelming~I like it so much :) It smells good! Yes don't suspect. It's made with rubber with a sweet pleasant smell of flora.

That was during day time. While at night, I had a wonderful dinner with my close friends and babes at Milwaukee :))

This cake is so pretty!
And tasty!


dear Cyrus

sweetie Mico Be`

ms hottie Eyvonne Siau

boss William

a friend to keep--KhangLun

the ever-funny KongChen

Headed to Sunway for another round of celebration abruptly. So sudden that I actually had no spare time to chill with my babes & friends after dinner. Nevertheless I enjoyed dinner with them though our time together was so short..

Princesses of the day! Happy Birthday to us!

Christine and I

And the next day, dear Stafanie and I went to Midvalley as promised and celebrated my belated birthday. Eventhough it was a day after my birthday but I don't care :) As long as we hang out and we enjoyed ourselves.

Photo taken in the Sony Expo fair before the movie.

We had our photograph with Sony's SLR camera during that expo fair and literally participated in their activities. It was so cool. A great heap of fun! Free coca-colas were given out every hour in conjuction with the FIFA World Cup. Luckily we manage to grab one! Cause people were like dying for that can of free coke as they don't care whose gonna be hurt with the squeezings and pushings among that circle of fully packed peoples! LOL

Lunch in Madam Kwan.

_____Birthday celebration officially ended____

presents I received:

big furry bear from Katheryn and her 6 friends

melissa+ isabella capeto's cherry red flats from Gauthamy

soft cuddle teddy from dear Stefanie

GUCCI Flora from the babes

It was an unforgettable and memorable birthday. Another important event for remembrance..
Thanks to all of you who celebrated with me and for those who wished me as well.
I'm truly happy.
Bless y'all..