Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holy Vacation (Day 2)

I apologize.

Apologize for being oblivious for my blog.
Sorry for letting those who reads my blog waiting for my new post.
I know it's like 3 weeks I did not post anything but anyway I'm back here.

So let's start!

The gang of the Kukup's trip woke up early in the a.m. including me, of course.
We took turns shower cause we only had 2 bathrooms and our gang comprises 15 peoples. Imagine that. By the time I shower, it was after 2 hours since I woke up.

And then we had our wonderful breakfast before the adults started packing off while the kids went merry-round through the village.

To the jetty. We're leaving!

Stiff wind.
My flat T-shirt and the few strokes of hair explained it all.

It's a rustic village.
But I kinda liked it.

We're on this boat that shipped us to visit the place where sea creatures were reared and sold.

And here we are.

If you're not good at balancing, I suggest you to just stay on the boat cause you need to be really stable to cross these somewhat wooden bridge which made up of 3 plank of woods!


Okay it isn't just fish. Let's just call this a catch.
A catch with many different sea creatures.


Mom wondered whether there's pearl in this clam.
I don't know.
The tour guide tried to open it but it just remained firmly closed.

Have you seen this before?
Well, I don't!

And what's this?!!

It looked oddly weird but somehow cute as it looked like a combat vehicle in a mini version.

6-legged starfish. You see those 'fur'?
Well those aren't fur actually.
Those are legs!!
It keeps moving and you can feel the itchiness when you touch it.

This is a really weird fish.
It has a beak that of the beak of a parrot and it's SO puffy!

A flying seahorse?!!
Oh my~

As soon as we finished visiting, we went for our lunch in a nearby floating-restaurant.

This is a restaurant but it's not the place we had lunch.

This is it.
The whole restaurant was fully packed by people. Mostly tourists like us.

While we were on our way back home after lunch, we paid a visit to this temple.

More updates rushing up!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Holy Vacation (Day 1)

I love this period of time every year.
December is actually the most anticipating month of the year to me. It's the time where I usually go for my vacations with family and friends. And it's Christmas which draws my love for it.

Has anyone been to Kukup Island?
Well, it's located in Johor. It's a fishing village. Mom said it's a new experience for us who lives in the big city, to get to know and to experience the life in a fishing
Now you would think that this isn't fun at all. In fact, you would start to picture the scenes of the fishing village like I did. But, everything was not as horrible as I expect. Indeed it was a little dirty cau
se the toilet's excretion tunnel is connected into the sea, that means our urine and feaces were all disposed right to the sea!
That anyway did not spoil my trip. I'll let the pictures tell everything.

Us people.

Mini mart.

Wastage spoiled the view a lil bit.

Small and narrow walking lane.
Bicycles and motorbikes are often used to travel around in this village.

Houses on the sea.


This is probably the biggest house in this on-the-sea-village.

The place where we stayed.

My room.

The living room.

The sea view.

Dining area.

Our lunch.

Their famous home-made dishes.
Tastes really good!

Flip-flops prepared by the host for us.
I picked this design. Nice huh?

Native products

Our dessert--yummy rainbow agar!

Jelly fishy!!

Huuuuge jelly fishy!!

After we had lunch, I borrow bicycles from our host and did some cycling around the village.
Boy! I was SO afraid that I will fall into the sea! The pathway was SO narrow that whenever I saw people passing by, I would stop. After all, better safe than sorry right?
I found that there're many temples in the village. The village is actually like our own homes.
It's not like those village in the woods where there's no televisions and electricity and water supply. In fact it's cool!
Just imagine our house were built on the sea and that is it!
And oh my Godness Kukup actually draws TONS of visitors to come visit. Some of them are Singaporeans, Malaysians and even foreigners too!
It's really worth a visit. You guys really should go.

Our dinner.

My beautiful aunt.

We had fresh seafood for dinner!

After dinner comes the karaoke session.
I sang my lungs out for 3 hours with my cousins while my other kiddie cousins went fishing with my uncle and aunts. I joined them fishing later.
Mom went to the neighbors and made new friends. All of them were young adults (all of them were males) aged 18-22.
I wonder why is mom so young-hearted. She even dragged me with her and announced that she wants a karaoke-challenge with them!!
I gave her a BiG OH-EM-GEEE expression.

I went to bed quite early that night.
Gettin ready for my Day 2!