Friday, December 11, 2009

Hey Ho

Aye-aye readers.
Sorry for leaving my blog dead for weeks. I've been so lazy these days. Being a potato couch is what I'd keen to do lately.
My heart and soul were hooked on to TV dramas and my eyes were glued to the TV screen while my ear drums were working all the time sending music impulses to my brain.
** laughs **
Sounds much of a geek right?
Well, I can say that I'm not.
My aunt came visit me from Malacca since Tuesday. And today I'll be going to Nilai visit my coussie then head to Malacca for my dear grandparents.
It's been quite a while since the last time I saw my grandparents.
What I actually like about Malacca is that I can eat a lot cause we all know that Malacca famed for it's wide variety of mouth-watering food!
And you can go no where but Malacca for grrr-eight Nonya food!
** giggles **
But oh no..
My Mandarin paper is on Monday. I think I'll grab books when going back hometown.
Augh I hate it much when I have to study during vacation!
Hmm.. I can smell the aroma of the food from kitchen right now.
Guess mom has cooked something nice!
I gotta go now.

Cheerio !


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