Friday, July 31, 2009

you scream, I scream, when it comes to ice-cream

So there are 12 months in a year, 7 months with 31 days which I thought it isn't enough for me.
And why am I not contented ?
I'm actually all worry about my purse.
Eating ice-cream is indeed enjoying, but paying through the nose just for an ice-cream treat?
"Let's go to Baskin's!" mom shouted excitingly.
Right, I wanted to eat ice-cream so much.
I crave for ice-cream pretty much these days as I longed for the last day of July, that I can finally quench my thirst with those oh-so yummy colorful dessert!

So we went for some ice-cream treats after dinner last night.
It was 9.15pm when we leave home.
Not as I expected, we're stuck in a hugely terrible traffic congestion all the way from Phoenix plaza to Leisure mall and to KL.
Great, so by the time we reach Leisure it'll be 10.30 perhaps ?
Not to mention the parking thing which will definitely takes up minutes.

Clever mom..
She suddenly came through with something in her mind.
Unspoken, she U-turned and went back again.
I started to scream anxiously asking what's she doing.
She answered in a polite way, telling me that there's anothter BR branch in Metro Point.
Oh right!
I never thought about that...

Kajang is indeed a lot quieter than KL.
But hold everything up till you see the BR shop.
I got a number tag written on 362, but it now's only 350.
Another 12 to go.
I hated when I need to brave maself to the sea of people, then waiting in a snake queue for my turn.

Fortunately there were people leaving.
I'm happy in that case.
I ordered a quarter bucket of ice-cream with Mad-About-Chocolate and Mint Choc as my choice of flavor and nuts for topping.
Right whenI get my hands on the ice-cream, I dig a spoonful of ice-cream and stab the spoon into my mouth.
Mom says I look as though I were to swallow the spoon as well.

The pricing killed mom's purse for RM35.
Before the discount, it was RM46.
After the discount, it was Rm31.74 excluding taxes and the additional charge for topping.
Still, I think it was all worth.

Savor the moment eating ice-cream with my family, sharing laughter and exchange thoughts, nothing feels more like family..


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What i've done these days ??
Let's recall.
yes i've done plenty of things these days.
Nothing remarkable.

Just enjoying the days of my high school's life.
I've pinkie promised myself that I mustn't think of the dark side of life cause life's
WAYY too short for me to enjoy!
It is unless I decided to be a lotus-eater but that's impossible before I reach my 50s maybe ??
Who knows maybe one day I'll fed up with my recent lifestyle and decided to stray aimlessly to wherever the wind might take me to?
God knows.
We don't know.

We won't know.

They say '
live life to the fullest' .
How full is the fullest?
By doing something meaningful ?
What should we do then ?

Questions aside, personally I think that the real challenge is to exceed your own limits.
Having the will to bulldoze away obstacles in our way, having the determination to conquer the challenges, having the strength to get up from the bottom to the apex, so this is what I'll call--
the fullest.

Cause when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade!


Friday, July 24, 2009

the many things

Oh my God..
I got SO many things to tell about today.
Where can I start ?

Ready, set, GO!

The main highlight of the day is that I've went to the MJ's Tribute organized by the History and Geography society of my school which I thought it was quite awesome. At least I enjoyed.
We watched videos from when MJ was still an infant till his tribute in Staples Center.
And of course, the part where all students in the seminar room yelled and screamed so loud is when the screen showed him dancing whether in his music videos or during his concerts while I was holding the cellphone recording the videos, couldn't control my emotion to stay calm.
Man! those noises and cheers are oh-so-freakin-loud as if it can pierce through my ears and yet I was sitting in the 2nd row from the front!!
Noises and the amplifier surrounded me and I think I've suffered from an earache for quite some moment after the tribute.

But, that didn't spoil the whole tribute.
There were students from our harmonica society, music club and the creative motion club performing songs like Billie Jean, You're Not Alone, Heal The World and the list goes on.
There was also a dancing part where an Indian guy (I was told he's in form 4) which is a friend of my friend danced to MJ's famous track like Beat It, Bad, Billie Jean, Black or White and so on.
Though he didn't perform MJ's famous gravity-defying lean but his moon-walk awed us pretty well.
Till now, I still stand on my side that there will never be another Micheal Jackson in the world.

After the tribute ended, me and my friend went to find an empty classroom.
She wanted me to guide and coach her to sing for her performance during the National Day celebration in our school.
So I did my coaching..
She sang so well but she said I sang better.
I strongly believe that it's cause she's shy and that she did not release her breath and sing her lungs out well enough.
She claimed that she lacks confident.
Practice makes perfect.
Lets see how her performance will be after weeks of practices.

Things ran smoothly until my mom came and fetch me back.
Here comes another highlight of the day.
The gate was locked!!
We were trapped in the building!!
Luckily I met my form 1 friend passing by and quickly seek help from him.
He ran and told Mr. Cheong (student's dicipline teacher) about us.
So my friend and I ended up waiting for help like... 10 minutes?
My friend said it was fun!!
omg.. This isn't fun at all okay...
I was sweating and I felt sticky!
It was so HOT !!!
Once I got into the car, mom said that I had an unplesant smell..
It definitely not that smell of my under arms.
Don't get me wrong.
But it's so embarassing!!!
How I wish I could jump into the water and scrub-wash myself that instant.

p/s: I really miss MJ a lot lot lot... Really miss him..


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My English teacher gave us an assignment to complete yesterday.
It's an essay titled 'My Ideal Home'.
My sister read it and gave me an applause once she finish reading.
She said I wrote it amazingly.
'Of course la!! ' I said, which was very bad behavior of me.
'I cracked my head and squeeze my brain to think of my ideal home just to complete the assignment with quality ya know ??' I claimed.
I did wonder why was I being so hot-tempered last night.
No clue.

Back to today.
Nothing much happened until I remembered the drawing themed '1 Malaysia' regarding our 52nd National Day celebration.
No idea how to start.
My creativity obviously forms a knot.
I do have sketches in my mind but I don't really think they're real good though.
uh oh..
the deadline is 2 days from now.
Seriously need to get drawing right now.

comon' princess..
you can do it
you can do it
you CAN do it

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Indeed a sunny day today.
I was supposed to attend the grand opening of my mom's beauty center.
I didn't make it..
duh ~
She said there were many famous beautician and make up artist attending that function.
She even told me there was a girl whom many of the branded magazine would invite her to be their cover girl attending it!!
I regretted not going.
Oh never mind.
I'll sign up for the lessons after my SPM though.
What I really love about the beauty club is that they offer a new lesson teaching us about mix-matching our apparels and there are pros telling you what color you should wear and what color you must avoid wearing to ensure you strut in style in the correct way besides to conceal your shortcoming as well as to accentuate your curls and the beauty within!!
Cool huh??
My friends were joining me after SPM too.

For dinner tonight, we headed to the new restaurant named Res Trees @ Bandar Sunway (opposite Yuen steamboat-buffet restaurant).
I like their interior design SO MUCH!
I was told by my coussie that the place was used as a scene to film a drama days ago.
She also said that their tables and chairs weren't made of wood even they really look like they're wooden!
I tried to lift the table up but it's so heavy as if it was glued to the ground.
Okay. Face the fact that those are metals painted on with brown color.
Now I believe what she said..

About the food..
I ordered their seafood spaghetti.
Guess what ??
It tastes good!
And the fried rice!!
The chocolate waffle!!
Feel like I wanna order off the menu without caring who's gonna finish em'
** saliva drippin **
Now if I were to keep telling on, you probably won't have any surprises when you get there.
After all, I'll save the best for myself.
** chuckles **


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday's my favorite day.
Last day of the 5-days-basis-school,
no tuition classes,
I can stay up late plus,
I don't need to wake up early the next morning!
Today I woke up feeling so good.

Ready to kick back and enjoy my weekends.

And little did I mention..
Some of my friends just had their harmless bloodwork done yesterday.
I swear I could never be a druggie or a nurse
I quiver once I see those needles.

How can I make a good nurse ??
** I salute all
doctors and nurses in the world **

Oh !! By the way,

SpongeBob SquarePants celebrates 10 fabulous years yesterday !
I feel, it's impossible not to recognize the global success of the cartoon.
The famous all-time-TV-favorite-cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants is 10 years old !!
That sponge grew up so fast !!

you cute fel
la ~


SpongeBob has a driver license!!!
the Bikini Bottom world makes me feel like our real world but in a cuter and creative version.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Childishness never ends

I watched Transformers 2 yesterday and it was......
Ever since I watched Transformer 1, I fell deep in love with robots !!
And my love's for Optimus Prime a.k.a. Captain!!
** gag gag gag **
I beg my mom to buy me the Transformer toy at the Petronas station.
Guess what ??
She bought it for me though it costs quite much.
yayy !!!
** smooooooooooches **

Wanna have a look at it ??
Here it is :

The robot mode (left) heights only my middle finger!!

Imagine how tiny...

Cute isn't it ?


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MJ's clone ?

Oh gosh, I am so GONNA blog about this.
Out of sheer boredom, I went to search fo
r stuff related to Michael Jackson, and I somehow chanced across different lookalikes/impersonators that TOTALLY look like him!
Its amazing how people who aren't even in the least related can look THAT muc
h identical..
Its almost uncanny.

Don't believe me?
Take a look for yourself:
I have specially picked out those pictures which I think look closest to the real deal.

This is Carlo Riley, one of the famous impersonators/look-alikes.
(In my own o
pinion, his resemblance is the most uncanny, in comparison with the other look-alikes I've came across.)

Now, you must be thinking, "THIS IS DEFINITELY MICHAEL!"
You have gotta check out this impersonator's page yourself t
(The background of the webpage is Carlo
Riley himself!)
Oh, and this page, too.

. . . And coming up is the next look-alike! (Gosh, this is really incredible!)
His name is E'Casanova. (And he is famous, too!)

Of course, that's not the end! There are more coming up. Presenting......
Edward Moss!!
(This guy does not look like Michael naturally. He needs quite a lot of makeup to
look like him. And when he does, he really looks eerily uncanny!)

Oh, and have you watched Scary Movie 3? He was the one starring as Michael Jackson in it! (I think many has mistook him for Michael and have difficulty deciding whether its really the real thing or an actor.) Here's a short clip from the movie:

Here's one more.
Mikki Jay
(And yes, believe it or not... ... "HE" is a FEMALE!)

She sounds and dances JUST like him!

And last but not least, a not-so-alike but able to pass off as a female version of Michael:
I am unsure of her real name, but she is known as "JenNjuice4MJ" in h
er myspace profile. Her imitation photos are great.

Look at this picture she posted of herself and another female:

And she was actually imitating the same pose from the real picture! :

Freaking insane, right?
And when I said "insane", I meant the resemblance!
I believe there are MANY MORE Michael Jackson lookalikes out there, but those I have posted up are some of the truly legendary amazing ones.
I just hope I won't post up the wrong photos, mistaking the real one as the fake's!
I mean, I have difficulty telling them apart! And I am not exaggerating.
it would be creepy if they stand together alongside.

who do you think bears the most resemblance to Michael Jackson ?!

hmm ??

Saturday, July 11, 2009

theTwitter world

Anyone plays twitter ??
I wonder..

If you guys have been updating yourself frequently to the Hollywood side, you may probably signed up and played twitter for yonks ago.

Now just exactly what the hell is twitter ??
you may ask..
now read what's below if you think you don't wish to get eliminated by the new world of TECHNOLOGY !!!

Twitter is a microblogging website. Each post must be less than 140 characters.

It's a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets.
Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them (known as followers), which is just enough for a quick update.
Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or, by default, allow anybody to access them.
Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, Short Message Service (SMS) or external applications.
The service is free to use over the Internet, but using SMS may incur phone service provider fees

It's a way to keep family, friends, and coworkers up-to-date with what an individual is doing by using an instant messenger service, the web, as well as with mobile texting, plus other venues.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Edu Fair
@ smk yu hua kajang

that's my school !!
** oh puhh-leeease everyone knows**

There was an edu fair in my school today.
Thanks to our Kelab Panduan Kerjaya.
They made a this event a great success.
** generous applause to em' **
Students were like a school of fish, filled up the hall very quickly.
I felt something quite different when I stepped into the hall.
If compared to the fair we had last year, there were some universities didn't came this year.
It didn't made a huge difference anyhow as we enjoyed and took our time to seek enquiry.
Me and my friends roamed through every counter and grab brochures and filled up the forms and asked about our future career's information.
But we didn't really sit and asked about informations in each counter cause there were many students and heck I hadn't the slightest idea on why form 4 students came to the fair.
They flooded the hall and they even asked what they wanna know about the information before us!
The point is they seemed comfortable on that.
Couldn't they just wait till next year ??
I mean, this fair is for form 5 students, not the form 4's.
Get things right before you've done something you'll probably make people felt abhor on you, people.

What a waste of time.
I waited for students to leave the KDU counter for almost 90 minutes.
That's the last counter I haven't went to.
Finally 30 minutes before school's over I get the chance to ask.

But I'm lucky.
The man-in-charge of the KDU counter gave me his lunchbox !!
How nice of him....
This goes to show you that the last person actually gains benefits rather than the early birds.
I know i'm showyy..
I can't help it.
The lunchbox was awesome !!
hahah !!!

Today's more like attending a fair instead of going to school.
I don't feel like going to college though.
I wanna go to university.
I wanna be a lawyer !!
That's right, L A W Y E R !!
Don't freak out.
That's my ambition since I was little and ever since I watched Legally Blonde, I never changed my ambition.
I'm an Elle Woods-wannabe !!
Know what?
I would be pleased if you address me April-the future lawyer !!
I know I know I'm WAY too self-obsessed.

Cheerio !!

Way to go the Lawyer-in-PINK !!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


I was chosen to go for the National Service next year.
Why me ?
why why why
How did they pick us out ??
Is there any certain criteria to be picked to go for the N.S. ??
I need to clear things up here !!!!
Hellooo ?!!

Duh ~

I heard many things about the N.S. from various people.
Watched the N.S. reality program on TV just now.
What I saw on TV was fun, of course.
But is it really that fun or they just pick the fun part out so that the audience will think "Oh it's fun after all it doesn't seem to be that scary."

Frankly my first respond when I receive the text message as it to inform me that I'm among the chosen ones, stunned.
After a second from my momentum I just can't help but spilling out words like 'sh*t' and
'OH no' cause those are the only words I can retrieve from my vocab with my mind completely plain.
My friend, who was actually standing beside me, stunned too.
She stunned because of my reaction after I read the message.
I don't know what to do.

Mom says :'' Why were you being so unfortunate ?? Pity.. "
Yes I'm unfortunate indeed.
In the same time, I had another unfortunate event to share.
It's the national anthem singing thing in my school.
I'm not clear when did it started but every Monday during the assemble, each class take turns to sing the national anthem on stage to lead the whole students and teachers to sing and each class will only pick 10 students to perform.
And I'm the chosen one.
Seriously, if it's a singing performance I may probably accept but in this case we need to stand still with full patriotic sense and sing !!!
Oohh !!
Has anyone an escaping plan to share??
I need it so bad.

TWO unfortunate events in a row? Sure enough to make my head bigger.