Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My English teacher gave us an assignment to complete yesterday.
It's an essay titled 'My Ideal Home'.
My sister read it and gave me an applause once she finish reading.
She said I wrote it amazingly.
'Of course la!! ' I said, which was very bad behavior of me.
'I cracked my head and squeeze my brain to think of my ideal home just to complete the assignment with quality ya know ??' I claimed.
I did wonder why was I being so hot-tempered last night.
No clue.

Back to today.
Nothing much happened until I remembered the drawing themed '1 Malaysia' regarding our 52nd National Day celebration.
No idea how to start.
My creativity obviously forms a knot.
I do have sketches in my mind but I don't really think they're real good though.
uh oh..
the deadline is 2 days from now.
Seriously need to get drawing right now.

comon' princess..
you can do it
you can do it
you CAN do it

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