Friday, July 31, 2009

you scream, I scream, when it comes to ice-cream

So there are 12 months in a year, 7 months with 31 days which I thought it isn't enough for me.
And why am I not contented ?
I'm actually all worry about my purse.
Eating ice-cream is indeed enjoying, but paying through the nose just for an ice-cream treat?
"Let's go to Baskin's!" mom shouted excitingly.
Right, I wanted to eat ice-cream so much.
I crave for ice-cream pretty much these days as I longed for the last day of July, that I can finally quench my thirst with those oh-so yummy colorful dessert!

So we went for some ice-cream treats after dinner last night.
It was 9.15pm when we leave home.
Not as I expected, we're stuck in a hugely terrible traffic congestion all the way from Phoenix plaza to Leisure mall and to KL.
Great, so by the time we reach Leisure it'll be 10.30 perhaps ?
Not to mention the parking thing which will definitely takes up minutes.

Clever mom..
She suddenly came through with something in her mind.
Unspoken, she U-turned and went back again.
I started to scream anxiously asking what's she doing.
She answered in a polite way, telling me that there's anothter BR branch in Metro Point.
Oh right!
I never thought about that...

Kajang is indeed a lot quieter than KL.
But hold everything up till you see the BR shop.
I got a number tag written on 362, but it now's only 350.
Another 12 to go.
I hated when I need to brave maself to the sea of people, then waiting in a snake queue for my turn.

Fortunately there were people leaving.
I'm happy in that case.
I ordered a quarter bucket of ice-cream with Mad-About-Chocolate and Mint Choc as my choice of flavor and nuts for topping.
Right whenI get my hands on the ice-cream, I dig a spoonful of ice-cream and stab the spoon into my mouth.
Mom says I look as though I were to swallow the spoon as well.

The pricing killed mom's purse for RM35.
Before the discount, it was RM46.
After the discount, it was Rm31.74 excluding taxes and the additional charge for topping.
Still, I think it was all worth.

Savor the moment eating ice-cream with my family, sharing laughter and exchange thoughts, nothing feels more like family..



  1. u remind me of shi han...
    yesterday was sook teng's birthday,
    so she kept telling her to go BR and enjoy ice cream. ==''

  2. haha..
    u guys should go ..
    eating ice-cream really makes someone feels happy..