Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MJ's clone ?

Oh gosh, I am so GONNA blog about this.
Out of sheer boredom, I went to search fo
r stuff related to Michael Jackson, and I somehow chanced across different lookalikes/impersonators that TOTALLY look like him!
Its amazing how people who aren't even in the least related can look THAT muc
h identical..
Its almost uncanny.

Don't believe me?
Take a look for yourself:
I have specially picked out those pictures which I think look closest to the real deal.

This is Carlo Riley, one of the famous impersonators/look-alikes.
(In my own o
pinion, his resemblance is the most uncanny, in comparison with the other look-alikes I've came across.)

Now, you must be thinking, "THIS IS DEFINITELY MICHAEL!"
You have gotta check out this impersonator's page yourself t
(The background of the webpage is Carlo
Riley himself!)
Oh, and this page, too. www.almostmj.com

. . . And coming up is the next look-alike! (Gosh, this is really incredible!)
His name is E'Casanova. (And he is famous, too!)

Of course, that's not the end! There are more coming up. Presenting......
Edward Moss!!
(This guy does not look like Michael naturally. He needs quite a lot of makeup to
look like him. And when he does, he really looks eerily uncanny!)

Oh, and have you watched Scary Movie 3? He was the one starring as Michael Jackson in it! (I think many has mistook him for Michael and have difficulty deciding whether its really the real thing or an actor.) Here's a short clip from the movie:


Here's one more.
Mikki Jay
(And yes, believe it or not... ... "HE" is a FEMALE!)

She sounds and dances JUST like him!

And last but not least, a not-so-alike but able to pass off as a female version of Michael:
I am unsure of her real name, but she is known as "JenNjuice4MJ" in h
er myspace profile. Her imitation photos are great.

Look at this picture she posted of herself and another female:

And she was actually imitating the same pose from the real picture! :

Freaking insane, right?
And when I said "insane", I meant the resemblance!
I believe there are MANY MORE Michael Jackson lookalikes out there, but those I have posted up are some of the truly legendary amazing ones.
I just hope I won't post up the wrong photos, mistaking the real one as the fake's!
I mean, I have difficulty telling them apart! And I am not exaggerating.
it would be creepy if they stand together alongside.

who do you think bears the most resemblance to Michael Jackson ?!

hmm ??

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  1. Hello. I am JenNjuice4MJ thanks for posting my picture used here, years ago. I have even better pics now and have become a real MJ Impersonator.
    Add me. :)