Friday, July 24, 2009

the many things

Oh my God..
I got SO many things to tell about today.
Where can I start ?

Ready, set, GO!

The main highlight of the day is that I've went to the MJ's Tribute organized by the History and Geography society of my school which I thought it was quite awesome. At least I enjoyed.
We watched videos from when MJ was still an infant till his tribute in Staples Center.
And of course, the part where all students in the seminar room yelled and screamed so loud is when the screen showed him dancing whether in his music videos or during his concerts while I was holding the cellphone recording the videos, couldn't control my emotion to stay calm.
Man! those noises and cheers are oh-so-freakin-loud as if it can pierce through my ears and yet I was sitting in the 2nd row from the front!!
Noises and the amplifier surrounded me and I think I've suffered from an earache for quite some moment after the tribute.

But, that didn't spoil the whole tribute.
There were students from our harmonica society, music club and the creative motion club performing songs like Billie Jean, You're Not Alone, Heal The World and the list goes on.
There was also a dancing part where an Indian guy (I was told he's in form 4) which is a friend of my friend danced to MJ's famous track like Beat It, Bad, Billie Jean, Black or White and so on.
Though he didn't perform MJ's famous gravity-defying lean but his moon-walk awed us pretty well.
Till now, I still stand on my side that there will never be another Micheal Jackson in the world.

After the tribute ended, me and my friend went to find an empty classroom.
She wanted me to guide and coach her to sing for her performance during the National Day celebration in our school.
So I did my coaching..
She sang so well but she said I sang better.
I strongly believe that it's cause she's shy and that she did not release her breath and sing her lungs out well enough.
She claimed that she lacks confident.
Practice makes perfect.
Lets see how her performance will be after weeks of practices.

Things ran smoothly until my mom came and fetch me back.
Here comes another highlight of the day.
The gate was locked!!
We were trapped in the building!!
Luckily I met my form 1 friend passing by and quickly seek help from him.
He ran and told Mr. Cheong (student's dicipline teacher) about us.
So my friend and I ended up waiting for help like... 10 minutes?
My friend said it was fun!!
omg.. This isn't fun at all okay...
I was sweating and I felt sticky!
It was so HOT !!!
Once I got into the car, mom said that I had an unplesant smell..
It definitely not that smell of my under arms.
Don't get me wrong.
But it's so embarassing!!!
How I wish I could jump into the water and scrub-wash myself that instant.

p/s: I really miss MJ a lot lot lot... Really miss him..


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