Friday, July 10, 2009

Edu Fair
@ smk yu hua kajang

that's my school !!
** oh puhh-leeease everyone knows**

There was an edu fair in my school today.
Thanks to our Kelab Panduan Kerjaya.
They made a this event a great success.
** generous applause to em' **
Students were like a school of fish, filled up the hall very quickly.
I felt something quite different when I stepped into the hall.
If compared to the fair we had last year, there were some universities didn't came this year.
It didn't made a huge difference anyhow as we enjoyed and took our time to seek enquiry.
Me and my friends roamed through every counter and grab brochures and filled up the forms and asked about our future career's information.
But we didn't really sit and asked about informations in each counter cause there were many students and heck I hadn't the slightest idea on why form 4 students came to the fair.
They flooded the hall and they even asked what they wanna know about the information before us!
The point is they seemed comfortable on that.
Couldn't they just wait till next year ??
I mean, this fair is for form 5 students, not the form 4's.
Get things right before you've done something you'll probably make people felt abhor on you, people.

What a waste of time.
I waited for students to leave the KDU counter for almost 90 minutes.
That's the last counter I haven't went to.
Finally 30 minutes before school's over I get the chance to ask.

But I'm lucky.
The man-in-charge of the KDU counter gave me his lunchbox !!
How nice of him....
This goes to show you that the last person actually gains benefits rather than the early birds.
I know i'm showyy..
I can't help it.
The lunchbox was awesome !!
hahah !!!

Today's more like attending a fair instead of going to school.
I don't feel like going to college though.
I wanna go to university.
I wanna be a lawyer !!
That's right, L A W Y E R !!
Don't freak out.
That's my ambition since I was little and ever since I watched Legally Blonde, I never changed my ambition.
I'm an Elle Woods-wannabe !!
Know what?
I would be pleased if you address me April-the future lawyer !!
I know I know I'm WAY too self-obsessed.

Cheerio !!

Way to go the Lawyer-in-PINK !!!

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