Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What i've done these days ??
Let's recall.
yes i've done plenty of things these days.
Nothing remarkable.

Just enjoying the days of my high school's life.
I've pinkie promised myself that I mustn't think of the dark side of life cause life's
WAYY too short for me to enjoy!
It is unless I decided to be a lotus-eater but that's impossible before I reach my 50s maybe ??
Who knows maybe one day I'll fed up with my recent lifestyle and decided to stray aimlessly to wherever the wind might take me to?
God knows.
We don't know.

We won't know.

They say '
live life to the fullest' .
How full is the fullest?
By doing something meaningful ?
What should we do then ?

Questions aside, personally I think that the real challenge is to exceed your own limits.
Having the will to bulldoze away obstacles in our way, having the determination to conquer the challenges, having the strength to get up from the bottom to the apex, so this is what I'll call--
the fullest.

Cause when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade!