Sunday, July 19, 2009


Indeed a sunny day today.
I was supposed to attend the grand opening of my mom's beauty center.
I didn't make it..
duh ~
She said there were many famous beautician and make up artist attending that function.
She even told me there was a girl whom many of the branded magazine would invite her to be their cover girl attending it!!
I regretted not going.
Oh never mind.
I'll sign up for the lessons after my SPM though.
What I really love about the beauty club is that they offer a new lesson teaching us about mix-matching our apparels and there are pros telling you what color you should wear and what color you must avoid wearing to ensure you strut in style in the correct way besides to conceal your shortcoming as well as to accentuate your curls and the beauty within!!
Cool huh??
My friends were joining me after SPM too.

For dinner tonight, we headed to the new restaurant named Res Trees @ Bandar Sunway (opposite Yuen steamboat-buffet restaurant).
I like their interior design SO MUCH!
I was told by my coussie that the place was used as a scene to film a drama days ago.
She also said that their tables and chairs weren't made of wood even they really look like they're wooden!
I tried to lift the table up but it's so heavy as if it was glued to the ground.
Okay. Face the fact that those are metals painted on with brown color.
Now I believe what she said..

About the food..
I ordered their seafood spaghetti.
Guess what ??
It tastes good!
And the fried rice!!
The chocolate waffle!!
Feel like I wanna order off the menu without caring who's gonna finish em'
** saliva drippin **
Now if I were to keep telling on, you probably won't have any surprises when you get there.
After all, I'll save the best for myself.
** chuckles **


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