Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random post.

For blog's sake..
I'm writing something.
The thing I remembered about my blog is that I blogged once in every two days. That's when I'm a new user and seemed fresh to this blogging world.

But I can't do it often now. FYI, am currently pursuing my tertiary course in college. It tends to be mind-boggling latterly. My life is so.... *sighs*
I had questions hanging for long. Struggled for the answers. Like, which path should I take on? Which school should I go? Did I made my right decision? Would the road not taken be better? Does this subject I took provide a good career option in the future? Omgosh there's so many people studying law! Will the competition among us be big in the job market? Will I find a job till then? I'm all worried!

Sorts of question just popped out that directly turns out as a form of pressure to me. Nevertheless, I'm still enjoying the trial week in college and very soon I'll register and officially be their student.
During this week I've made new friends. I thought how amazing it was to gather students from different places in one building, study and get along together! This is what we seldom see, especially me who came from a national type school felt different after talking to them. In that moment I told myself that this would be great.
It's life's new experience.
In a way, despite the amiable lecturers and warming friends I have, there are still questions I have to deal with. One is the course subject thiggy and one is ...
Oh c'mon I'm a new student there what do you expect?

I'm typing this blog in a sentiment mood. Was actually having an emotional-roaller coaster ride these days.
Every night during bedtime, it happens to be my time to think seriously. Every thing that might be in my thinking territory are often things not to be frivolous about. Not sure if you guys have the same agreeement but I think that one is more likely to be sober and be able to think more mature at night. Well at least if you do, it shows that you care about that matter cause it means something to you. Agree? Oh you've got to agree. Tell me who would have sacrifice their slumber to questions/problems they wouldn't even care or don't even came across their mind during day time? No one!
Let's skip topic.

Today was my 6th day in college. It should be my 8th but I somehow skipped class as I really couldn't make it in the first week. Normally I starts off at 7am when I was still working at the pre-school. Speaking of the pre-school, I wonder how my kids are doing so far. I missed them so bad I often view their photos in my mobile. Everything happened so fast.
It seemed like only yesterday I was their new teacher and the next day I'm a new student in college doing A-levels! Life's really unexpected.

Of all classes I've went for, one of the classes I found interesting is English literature. During my first lesson, we were seperated into groups for assignment, Ours was The Eagle's Hotel California while other groups picked Russian Roulette, Fireflies and Viva La Vida.
Trust me, you're so gonna google the meaning of the lyrics of Hotel California! You'll never assume or not even expect the meaning of it! This is so interesting.. You read the lyrics, interpret what it's all about, figure out the theme, the hidden meaning and when you've found out exactly what it really is after researching, you shocked, and you simply will impressed by its style of writing as well as the rich use of wordings. True to say that English is the CRAZIEST language of all.
Don't ask. Just try. You're not gonna lose anything for doing it :)

Alright alright!
This post is long enough already.
I decided to conclude that if I continue writing, this could definitely be non-stop. And after all I still need to leave something to write for the next post. So I guess I'll see you guys till next?
Just keep up with me.



Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby Luyi's memorable 18th Birthday Party!

And here it goes!
My big baby finally turned
Woah she's two weeks elder than me but still she calls me mami mammi. Aww you wouldn't knew how sweet her voice is.
Weeks before the big day was the plannings/organizing thing to work on. Cyrus big daddy helped a lot as I can see. The invitations card were so pretty!
I was true. Even the day before party, he and a few mates were still busy decorating and preparing stuffs for the party.

Kay lets move on..

A bouquet of 90 roses from the beau (Alex) to the lady (Luyi) ~

Burberry's Valentine's collection birthday cake is L♥VE.

~ Princess ~

Photos taken by dear Eyvonne.

Chee Weng had been super duper busy.
He grilled, served, cleaned, packed, fetched and been the biggest sponsored person to the birthday present(Burberry's tote) we chipped in for Luyi!
Amanda called him an Angel. She said she saw wings and a glowing halo on him. I saw it either :)

Dear Cyrus..

Kevin Koh

New friend-- Mico Be`

The 2nd photographer of the day --> Eyvonne Siau
** claps claps **


Wait a minute, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
In case you're still wondering, I realized I had none of the pix taken with my baby!

Catch up with my updates soon, people!

p/s: Carina, you're such a sweetie pie! And hilarious! YOU GOT HUGE BOOBS!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Day Out


Went for dinner with dear Cyrus, babe Luyi+her beau & Kevin @ Bandar Sunway


Seen 72 Tenants of Prosperity with dear Angeline after work.
Found out Sophie Kinsella's Remember Me a worth reading novel. Her series of shopaholics is not to be missed as well!
You guys certainly knew 'Confessions of A Shopaholic' don't you?

Hang out with Victoria & Kevin. Vic's family came along too.
Initial plan was to see Alice in Wonderland 3D but the tix were sold out so we ended up doing shopping together.

Celebrated KhangLun's 18th birthday with dear Cyrus and KongChen.
Seen the movie-- Confucius on that day too.
A decent portray of the respectful Confucius by Chow Yun-Fatt.
Oh and.. Here's a piece of advice:
Don't ever watch Chinese ancient movies if you don't know classical Chinese.
You might not understand the story if you can't understand their conversations albeit subtitles were there.
I'm not mentioning me of course!


Went to school for my SPM result. SookMan rang me to confirm I was coming cause I'm the only one who haven't take the result.
Stunned by the moment I scanned through the result slip. Chinese subject gave me HUGE disappointment! But still I jumped around and hold my breathe till I walked out of the office and yelled in joy!
Called mommy to share the joy after those dramatic acts. She was happy. And so was Angel. Mom asked me what do I want as a reward. Told her what I longed for and she answered me as if it was a 'yes'. Oh wells..
Alice in Wonderland 3D with Kevin like, FINALLY!
We kinda exploited the usage of the reservation but I'll remain silent with what had happened.
Mmm.. Just as enough to conclude that today's my very lucky day!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Festive's Tradition

Lots of excitement can be seen in the last 15 days of New Year celebrations.
Every day has a special importance to it as Chinese ritualise and celebrate each day in a customary manner.
Day 8 is another day to be celebrated with the family and friends cause it's a big ritual ceremony for us who offer night prayers to Tian Gong, the God of Heaven.

Like usual, mommy and the other family members would start folding
gold papers for the ritual's purpose few days before the ceremony. And every year during the ceremony would my grandma's house be the grandest of all.
In spite that the smoke of the joss-stick and the burning gold papers sores and left us with teary eyes, we definitely don't much care about it.
Besides, I think this is another family-reunion day cause everyone seemed to have their own friend-visiting plannings since Day 2 and it was this day that gathered us back together!