Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Day Out


Went for dinner with dear Cyrus, babe Luyi+her beau & Kevin @ Bandar Sunway


Seen 72 Tenants of Prosperity with dear Angeline after work.
Found out Sophie Kinsella's Remember Me a worth reading novel. Her series of shopaholics is not to be missed as well!
You guys certainly knew 'Confessions of A Shopaholic' don't you?

Hang out with Victoria & Kevin. Vic's family came along too.
Initial plan was to see Alice in Wonderland 3D but the tix were sold out so we ended up doing shopping together.

Celebrated KhangLun's 18th birthday with dear Cyrus and KongChen.
Seen the movie-- Confucius on that day too.
A decent portray of the respectful Confucius by Chow Yun-Fatt.
Oh and.. Here's a piece of advice:
Don't ever watch Chinese ancient movies if you don't know classical Chinese.
You might not understand the story if you can't understand their conversations albeit subtitles were there.
I'm not mentioning me of course!


Went to school for my SPM result. SookMan rang me to confirm I was coming cause I'm the only one who haven't take the result.
Stunned by the moment I scanned through the result slip. Chinese subject gave me HUGE disappointment! But still I jumped around and hold my breathe till I walked out of the office and yelled in joy!
Called mommy to share the joy after those dramatic acts. She was happy. And so was Angel. Mom asked me what do I want as a reward. Told her what I longed for and she answered me as if it was a 'yes'. Oh wells..
Alice in Wonderland 3D with Kevin like, FINALLY!
We kinda exploited the usage of the reservation but I'll remain silent with what had happened.
Mmm.. Just as enough to conclude that today's my very lucky day!


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