Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Festive's Tradition

Lots of excitement can be seen in the last 15 days of New Year celebrations.
Every day has a special importance to it as Chinese ritualise and celebrate each day in a customary manner.
Day 8 is another day to be celebrated with the family and friends cause it's a big ritual ceremony for us who offer night prayers to Tian Gong, the God of Heaven.

Like usual, mommy and the other family members would start folding
gold papers for the ritual's purpose few days before the ceremony. And every year during the ceremony would my grandma's house be the grandest of all.
In spite that the smoke of the joss-stick and the burning gold papers sores and left us with teary eyes, we definitely don't much care about it.
Besides, I think this is another family-reunion day cause everyone seemed to have their own friend-visiting plannings since Day 2 and it was this day that gathered us back together!


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