Friday, February 26, 2010

Lunar New Year's Celebration
part 2

Two days prior to Chinese New Year, there was a party held in the kindergarten. And every kids were required to dress in their best to come, even the teachers too!
Initial and immediate thought was to wear a dress. But since considering that I might lost behave and gone fooling round with the kids jumping and running around, I decided to play it safe with a pair of harem instead of wearing a dress though Teacher Joan had asked me to wear
nice nice. And I wore a headband which I bought the day before at the night market cause I think I lack something err... pink? *laughs* That headband, surprisingly, oozes the cuteness of me, said the Principal. Never knew I was cute in pink ribbon headbands. I consider it more as 'sweet' lol..

Tressa and Regina in chili red Cheongsam!
Simply adorable!!

Sweet Indian sisters posing with tangy mandarins.

Intan and her cutie dolly sis!
My Malay kids who prefer to don in shocking pink Cheongsam are equally adoring.

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This baby doll has big round eyes plus curly long eyelashes I tell ya!
She has eyes as if they look straight into your soul while you look at it. Amazing!

Different races in their traditional clothes with a touch of the Chinese's with the mandarins in their palm.

The boy in the middle is Mahendra.
My cute Malay student who knows his manners very well, and being very polite.
Very much of a gentleman you see.
And he knows how to struck poses in front of the cam lens!

Danylita, dapper boy Jay Shen and sweet Christina :))

Evelyn, Kah Wai, Penny & Miin Zhuen in a row.
Party Queen VS Casualties, huh?

Yi Shen!

Jun Sheng, Xiao Qi & Christina

My thoughts:
Kids are cute. But well-mannered kids are even cute!


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