Monday, February 22, 2010

[ Lunar New Year's Celebration ]
part 1

Dress code: Anything as long as it brings out the CNY atmosphere. My choice-- PINK
2 weeks before the roaring year of tiger and tigress taking over this year, I went to this association's pre-CNY celebration. Literally dragged Kevin along cause I realized I only had Cassie to keep me accompanied but she's kind of an important person there which means no one would be by my side if she's gone for a little ushering the guests.
The event started at 8pm sharp. Performances including singing, traditional dancing, traditional musical performances, spring celebration video clips and more. Didn't take any pictures for the performances but I did manage to take some pictures of myself!
Boy had you attended this event and you'll see how crowded it is. It took me almost an hour to go on stage for my own photo-taking session cause everywhere in that place is so so packed! Even the corners! Seriously.

Glittering peacock

PiNK !

Pink Pink everywhere!!

Went all crazy with pink! Wooohaha~

Nice painting of the golden tiger.
Illustrating it's stretching paws and opening jaws with a strong ROARING feel!


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