Sunday, August 28, 2011

Letters From The Sky

 Currently hooked onto this amazing song from Civil Twilight.
 Enjoy :)



Monday, August 15, 2011

Bonjour! LL.B

Gotten my result for A-levels examination last week. It was overall okay. But sadly it didn't meet my requirements as I expected it to be better. Wept and was temporary depressed and got consoled by my dear contract law lecturer Mr. Siva. What's done is done all I have to think of now is to study triple harder and double the effort in my law degree. It's so saddening when I used to get what I want, and now my result was not as satisfying as I would expected it to be. Anyway I've to admit that I've done all I can and strived for the best. Mom was a bit disappointed. Clearly she has placed a very high expectation on me. Straight A's used to favoured me so much and it shouldn't be a huge problem to score. But think again, I was so playful since I started my college life. I socialise, I hang out often with friends and shopping and movies and karaokes, I don't sleep and I tweet a lot. Well if that explains why I screwed up my studies then I will change and start adapting back to the life in high school.
Oh and here's a piece of advice to the freshman year.
If you social + sleep = No good grades.
If you want good grades + sleep = No social life.
If you social + good grades = No sleep.
So choose wisely! 
All these while after my A-levels exams were over I've been so worried about the results and now everything has came to an end. So long A-levels. You did treat me well. And surely I will miss you. Especially the lecturers.
Hope I will establish a good connection between me and my lecturers in this coming 3 years of law degree I want to at least create some unforgettable moments not to say, like being reprimanded or embarrassed by anyone, but some good times like what I've done with the lecturers. Mr. PMS Jasal was my favourite lecturer I do missed him dearly because of his quirky way of addressing my name. He'd never called me April but instead April May June or Miss Collar Bone or Cartoon. Surprisingly I don't feel offended but I feel rather fun!
I sounded like I'm crapping a lot but let me crap for one last sentence. 
HURRAH I'm now officially a student of the law degree! Yes I'm happy I'm overjoyed. Silly me, I can't imagine the stress and more pending stresses I will have to got through. My life is like a never-ending repetition of ups and downs.
At first I was happy that I'm finally able to proceed to my law degree. The silliest 5 seconds in my life. Oh wells. Have to go now. Had you seen the amount of assignments I must complete you would catch a nightmare. Off I go before the mountains of works started piling up. Ciao love. xo 




Sunday, August 7, 2011

A day with the girls.

Ever since my degree course has started, I've never really been going out hanging with friends. Not that my nerdy mode has activated in fact it never had been, unless situations where exam days are approaching. So sweetie Mei Yen C has invited me to join her and our fellow classmates for a brunch on a random Friday at a dim sum restaurant at Kuchai Lama. 
And little should I mention about this priceless experience me and MeiYen C had while we were heading to the rendezvous to meet up with the rest. We decided to take a different route instead of the usual route so that we know another optional road to get to Kuchai Lama. Things went on unexpectedly where we were kinda lack of luck that day as we took for almost an hour wandering and travelling around before we finally arrived. And I have to admit that I suck at reading BlackBerry's GPS I didn't contribute much at leading us out from the maze. Oh well :(


Le famous lao sha pao is HUGE LOVE.Finger lickin' good!


Mei Yen and I had a rough time eating the famous "lao sha" pau.
The hot filling was so loaded that once bitten, it flows out in a nowhere-random direction! Now that I know 
the skills of eating this "lao sha" pau. It scalded my finger a bit. But it was all worth trying! ♥


The mouth watering siew mai.

 Fried prawn dumplings.


We are a BlackBerry users. Common thing among us is the Paul Frank rubber casing.
From left: Veronica's, MeiYenC's, and mine.

Enjoyed our brunch! Now for the second round and third round and so on and so forth.

Met Kelvin minutes before his lunch break and joined us for Gong Cha. Bought me delicious popiah so yummy I almost finish them all.

And my fourth round was to Chilli's for dessert!


 Thanks to MeiYenC who introduced me to this heavenly Chocolate Molten Cake. It looked like a chocolate volcano. Vanilla ice-cream wrapped with chocolate, with a warm supple and moist chocolate brownies below supporting it underneath. Pure Satisfaction! 

 And while we were enjoying dessert, we came up to the quirky idea of snapping a photo series of funny faces. This was our very first attempt on doing it! Hurrah to that! 

 Just when we thought we learnt our lesson, history repeated and there we go again. Lost in no directions when we were on our way home. Boy had you seen the epic reverse MeiYenC made you would say BRAVO! It was nevertheless a day filled with fun and laughter but most of all, FOOD. And if it wasn't because of the lost incident that happened, it wouldn't be as much as a memorable one! :D


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just can't get enough.

You know it's a bad day when you yelled "SERIOUSLY?!" at your alarm clock. It gets worse when you jumped from the bed and missed the floor. Okay I didn't trip. The floor looked so pity always being stepped so I decided to give it a hug. You could also say that I'm trying to check my gravity balance. Either way, I denied that I fell. LOL.
Clearly the irritating fairy hasn't done with me yet. I got involved in a blither with mom just moments after I came downstairs to have brunch. Things went crazy when she reprimanded me in front of my friend. Okay. I don't have an understanding mom. Clearly she didn't know that her daughter still requires the reputation to survive among her peers. What if words go around about this embarrassing moment with me and mom? I need to find a hole and bury my head in. Grrrr..
But I'm all alright now. In fact I find it funny yet amazing how we can get along so well even after the palpably harsh moment we went through earlier. Blood is thicker than water. So they say. Because no matter how old I get, I still miss my mom. And no matter what age am I, I still want her to take care of me despite all these years, being almost grown, I still try to run and hide when I hear my full name yelled by mom. ♥



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rest in Peace, Amy.

When I am typing this post I am actually in the middle of something. But since I miss blogging so much I decided to hit a pause on what I am doing just put away all my stuffs and write something.
I've came across the very shocking death news of Amy Winehouse where dear Ken updated me with this tragic news before it's all over twitter and facebook on that midnight, I was shell-shocked to hear that. A soul singer, whose beehive hairdo and honeyed jazz blue vocals gained her fame and notoriety died on her London home on the 23rd of July. All this while she doesn't look like one who portrays a weak and health-problematic woman. The cause of her death has been highly discussed. News had it that the main reason is due to her excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs. But the real cause of death is still on probe and took at least 1 month before the reports were out. 
Rest in peace to Amy Winehouse. Your pain was your art and your art was your beautiful pain. May you live forever in your music. Pay tribute to the young singer's life by taking to some of my favourite songs of hers. You should listen too.