Monday, August 15, 2011

Bonjour! LL.B

Gotten my result for A-levels examination last week. It was overall okay. But sadly it didn't meet my requirements as I expected it to be better. Wept and was temporary depressed and got consoled by my dear contract law lecturer Mr. Siva. What's done is done all I have to think of now is to study triple harder and double the effort in my law degree. It's so saddening when I used to get what I want, and now my result was not as satisfying as I would expected it to be. Anyway I've to admit that I've done all I can and strived for the best. Mom was a bit disappointed. Clearly she has placed a very high expectation on me. Straight A's used to favoured me so much and it shouldn't be a huge problem to score. But think again, I was so playful since I started my college life. I socialise, I hang out often with friends and shopping and movies and karaokes, I don't sleep and I tweet a lot. Well if that explains why I screwed up my studies then I will change and start adapting back to the life in high school.
Oh and here's a piece of advice to the freshman year.
If you social + sleep = No good grades.
If you want good grades + sleep = No social life.
If you social + good grades = No sleep.
So choose wisely! 
All these while after my A-levels exams were over I've been so worried about the results and now everything has came to an end. So long A-levels. You did treat me well. And surely I will miss you. Especially the lecturers.
Hope I will establish a good connection between me and my lecturers in this coming 3 years of law degree I want to at least create some unforgettable moments not to say, like being reprimanded or embarrassed by anyone, but some good times like what I've done with the lecturers. Mr. PMS Jasal was my favourite lecturer I do missed him dearly because of his quirky way of addressing my name. He'd never called me April but instead April May June or Miss Collar Bone or Cartoon. Surprisingly I don't feel offended but I feel rather fun!
I sounded like I'm crapping a lot but let me crap for one last sentence. 
HURRAH I'm now officially a student of the law degree! Yes I'm happy I'm overjoyed. Silly me, I can't imagine the stress and more pending stresses I will have to got through. My life is like a never-ending repetition of ups and downs.
At first I was happy that I'm finally able to proceed to my law degree. The silliest 5 seconds in my life. Oh wells. Have to go now. Had you seen the amount of assignments I must complete you would catch a nightmare. Off I go before the mountains of works started piling up. Ciao love. xo 




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  1. All the best in your degree year, future lawyer (: