Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just can't get enough.

You know it's a bad day when you yelled "SERIOUSLY?!" at your alarm clock. It gets worse when you jumped from the bed and missed the floor. Okay I didn't trip. The floor looked so pity always being stepped so I decided to give it a hug. You could also say that I'm trying to check my gravity balance. Either way, I denied that I fell. LOL.
Clearly the irritating fairy hasn't done with me yet. I got involved in a blither with mom just moments after I came downstairs to have brunch. Things went crazy when she reprimanded me in front of my friend. Okay. I don't have an understanding mom. Clearly she didn't know that her daughter still requires the reputation to survive among her peers. What if words go around about this embarrassing moment with me and mom? I need to find a hole and bury my head in. Grrrr..
But I'm all alright now. In fact I find it funny yet amazing how we can get along so well even after the palpably harsh moment we went through earlier. Blood is thicker than water. So they say. Because no matter how old I get, I still miss my mom. And no matter what age am I, I still want her to take care of me despite all these years, being almost grown, I still try to run and hide when I hear my full name yelled by mom. ♥



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