Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rest in Peace, Amy.

When I am typing this post I am actually in the middle of something. But since I miss blogging so much I decided to hit a pause on what I am doing just put away all my stuffs and write something.
I've came across the very shocking death news of Amy Winehouse where dear Ken updated me with this tragic news before it's all over twitter and facebook on that midnight, I was shell-shocked to hear that. A soul singer, whose beehive hairdo and honeyed jazz blue vocals gained her fame and notoriety died on her London home on the 23rd of July. All this while she doesn't look like one who portrays a weak and health-problematic woman. The cause of her death has been highly discussed. News had it that the main reason is due to her excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs. But the real cause of death is still on probe and took at least 1 month before the reports were out. 
Rest in peace to Amy Winehouse. Your pain was your art and your art was your beautiful pain. May you live forever in your music. Pay tribute to the young singer's life by taking to some of my favourite songs of hers. You should listen too.





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