Saturday, July 16, 2011

Experiencing climbing Broga Hill


A few months back which was in the 19th of March (thankfully I still remember the date), a few college chumps planned to have an outing. An outing between ATC-ians and eventually came up with this brilliant idea of climbing Broga Hill. When I was in high school, I've heard of this Broga Hill and words going round saying that it's worth to pay a visit. I was even told by one of my college mate that it was one of the must-visit hill in the world. WOW. I kinda like stepped back a bit and decided to go! 
After I've done packing up, me, Lance and Yew Tze went for an overnight stay at Sylvester's. I tried so hard to fall asleep at 11pm when I knew we were going for the expedition at 3am. Yes it was midnight cuz by the time we arrive at the peak of  Broga hill it will be just in time for us to witness the sunrise :)
Let the pictures do the talking shall we.

A little did I mention, I was so numb I forgot to take a torchlight with me and it was so pitch dark at 3am. Thanks YewTze for lending me his mobile torch or else I wouldn't wanna think about the consequences I cannot bear with it.

It was just 4am, and the amount of people doubled every minute.

 ALAS! We arrived at the peak. Not to mention my constant feeling of throwing-ups while climbing. I have to admit that I'm not good at sports that is so true. My stomach was doing back-flips which made me feel so uncomfortable and I had to make regular stops for me to catch my breath and to regain my strength.

The view form the peak at 7.15am.

A further 3.1km to Gunung Tok Wan.

Joo Wen's shoe had torn. I wonder how she'd manage to go down the hill. Poor thing.

Ahhhh! The picturesque view from the hill. Everything is just so natural. This greenery scene is something we don't see everyday. Gotta miss it so much.

Looking back the path we've actually taken, I cannot help but to awe and felt so proud of myself that I've conquered my weakness of, well, sports. I kid you not! The sense of achievement was so fervent that I've got to say I'M AWESOME! lol

A well-captured group picture. Credits to our photographer of the day, Ivor :)


When I thought going up the hill was hard, reality proved me wrong. Going down the hill was no easy feat either! It was actually far more dangerous and steep! I hereby advise those who would like to take this challenge, better wear those shoes with nails.
You won't like those mini heart-attacks you get when you're almost falling but thank God you get your balance back very quickly.

So congested.

 We made a pit-stop for a while to catch our breath in the meantime enjoy the view from uphill.

 So I came up to this idea of doing a jump shot. And obviously I wasn't ready. Pffffft

 YAY!! Finally a nice jump-shot!

Cing-Cing mediating. Shhh. Be very very quiet...

And this is Joo Wen with her sunny smile.

I was so shocked after looking at the path when I got down because I didn't realise it when I got up for it was so dark but now that I could see, I was stunned for seconds and thencame my signature "OH MY GOD!!!" exclaimation.

Back down where the journey first begun.

 Everyone was exhausted.

And NO he was not naked he was just topless.

 This is cute.

 We went for breakfast after this whole brilliant hiking experience to the nearest Old Town café to settle our tummy before we head back home. It was tiring and I was thoroughly fatigue as I only had 3 hours of sleep that I actually napped at the long upright sofa-seat at the café for a while. Although I was completely knackered, but it was a good sense of tired that came from having achieved something good.
I should really do sports more often right?


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