Sunday, July 24, 2011

Luyi's 19th Birthday Celebration


 I was been cordially invited to attend my BIG BABE Luyi's 19th birthday dinner on her early birthday dinner on March this year. Before this we were figuring out the venue for this dinner to be held. It seemed like we don't have many options because it was quite a tedious planning as we have to consider the transport for everyone who's attending and we made it the most convenient as possible. So I came up to this rather bright idea of having it in Gardens. Turned out to be an awesome pre-birthday dinner we totally enjoyed. 


The white Grand piano. Loved.

Was instantly in awe looking at the interior design. Everything is so classical and elegant! So bright and clean.

Cyrus' Fish & Chips.

Babe Luyi's salted egg fried rice.
Spaghetti Carbonara.

*I forgot what its name called* 

Flowers gleam and glow.

Our usual funny pose.


The BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES! Aren't they look so PRETTY?!
I was having a hard time eating them they looked soooo adorable I just couldn't bite it!

O' Mickey!
MacBook and Chanel 2.55 ever classic bag ZOMG!
Double C babeh! Spells Chanel.

Juicy Couture's Princess locket bracelet.


My cupcake <3
The reason behind this was because right exactly 2 weeks later was my birthday and I'm turning 19. Hence the '19th' cupcake! *weeeee*


The lovely couple.

Brutal, babe. Brutal!

 Lastly, a group photo before we left.

Had a delightful dinner with these peoples. And babe Luyi looked so sweet that night together with her beau. Loved her short wavy hair it made her to appear more young and bright.  And recently I am thinking about donning this kinda hair style. Would I be able to pull off that look? I don't know. And this has harassed me for quite some time. But I've finally decided it's time for a change. Good things come when you least expect that.
Go me!



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