Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekend Well-Spent


Well I've got to admit that I've been so much lazier to update my blog darling ever since I've started playing twitter. Just like a birdie.
A short update to my life in this week, and the weekends. Family and I went to grandma's at Malacca during the weekend. It was a great weekend spent with the little couzzies and so glad to see my lovely grandma. I'm so grateful for the joy they bring to me.
Ohh just the mere mention of Malacca immediately lingers my mind to the delicious mille crepé and my grandma's awesome curry chicken. Not to forget the saté celup and their local foods!

The sweet and creamy mille crepe from Nadeje patisserie is probably the most delicious and  most satisfying  food I've eaten during this trip.
While the saying goes "a Sunday well-spent will bring a week of content", it was totally correct. But honestly I feel that Mondays are invented to punish all the funs we had during weekend. I was SO not ready for the week to start and KAPOOF! here came the dreadful time again where I have to put on big girl's panties and go to college. Life would be so much awesome if the weekend lasts 5 days and the week 2 days!
Well I may quite sounded like I had a very bad Monday, literally yes I have always been disfavoured of Mondays but guess what I had a rather quite relaxing Monday this week. The reason of course being that I didn't attend to college due to some car-wrecked problems which I wouldn't wanna elaborate on that.
So I took the quality time to tour around the town with my little sis Angel and did some shopping at the new mall named Hatten Square. Then we went for desserts in the evening after we had dinner with the little ones. Speaking of the little ones, I was appointed by my aunt to go pick them up from tuition classes and once again, I got mistakenly thought as a mix. I think it has pretty much thing to do with the family resemblance of my mom. Not at all a bad thing though. I wouldn't mind being thought as a mix but will feel somehow flattered as strangers would actually come and ask questions pertaining to it, like, are you mix? Are you REALLY a Chinese? etc. :)
Okay cut the craps. So we went for desserts at this concept restaurant named T-Bowl. It's generally a bathroom-based concept restaurant you could find similar ones at Sg Wang and Pyramid. 

 This is their famous chocolate ice-cream. It appeared to me like, umm, let's just say that soft-served twirl chocolate ice-cream only reminds me of one thing..
But it was nevertheless yummy!

This is more like it. A rainbow banana spilt for the adults :)

 The little ones. They are the best alarm clock I can ever get I had been waken up to the sounds of their laughters and they pillow-banged my head to really wake me up even though I was awake but the brain kinda need some time before it's fully functional.

So hyper like the energizer bunny bouncing off the walls like a ping pong ball on speed.


The fun moments seems to end a tad too fast. If only there was a pause button.. I know I'm indulging into my fantasy again I know I know. But in times like this where I'm left unsupervised at home in midnight, inspirations hit me and then I start to think about stuffs in life, just to realise that more often than not I complain about my life, things don't go my way or aren't what I expected. No matter what, I love my life, love my true friends, and I love my family. While I used to suffer from my relationship rebound, the more I am thankful for my beautiful family and friends to be on my side and never left  me. Everyone and everything make my life what it is. It made clear to me that it doesn't matter how much money you have or how beautiful you are, what matters is the people around you who love you and support you. 
  Till the next! xo




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