Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I know I'm not good in expressing myself in words. I don't usually use extraordinary grammar and phrases people don't understand and my Mandarin isn't so good, so in times I'll just have to safeguard myself for not letting people make fun of me which I hate it so. I know, maybe, I said 'maybe ', you're reading my post, what I really hope is that you can get what I'm trying to tell. I want you to leave her alone. Mind your words. I don't want you to humiliate her then broadcast it and let the whole world to know. By judging what you've written, I bet you haven't made full clear of the situation. I'll have it explained. First, she wasn't backstabbing you. Your friend questioned something her which I really can't recall what it is and she came with the answer :" Cause i don't like surians." That's her reason. When people asks, you reply.This is NOT backstabbing. And speaking about this, I don't really know if you understand what 'backstabbing' is. And of course she knows that your friend's a surian but still, she was so straight-forward that she absolutely have no qualms telling her reason though it's about you & your bffs. That girl then asks her why does she hate surians, she said it's because their so 'fake'. That's also her reason. She just spilled. Is this another back stab? If it is, then I'd say hospitals will always be fully occupied by overcrowded people sustain a stab in the back.
Well maybe she doesn't really know y'all but I guess she doesn't even wanna befriend with surians so y'all could take back your words! And did you ever wonder why does she hate SUIRANS?! Sort this thing out by yourself before you reprimand others!
We all know very well that we only believe in our friends and whatever they would have said. So I don't expect you to trust me. I just wanted to make things right. It's up to you to believe what I just said.
That's all.

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Photo Shooting Day


I always wanted to do a photo shoot. Not just camwhoring. As always, baby Luyi came up with this idea so, no doubt I'll say, " Y E S " !
After everything is well-planned (the photographer, the venue, the time and etc.), I learned that it's on Saturday 7 a.m. I knew I'd have to wake up early. But as early as 5 in the morning?
It's rare for me to wake up such eerily early!!

And why am I waking up that early?
Wash-ups, breakfast, make-ups and others are enough for me to take up hours!
Yet I wasn't asleep at 12 a.m. cause I kept thinking of the photo shooting the next day.
Can't help. Was so looking forward.

The next morning just after I washed-up, my baby gave me a sweet morning call to wake me up.
No don't get me wrong it's not my boyfriend who called, I'm happy-singled.

It's my baby Luyi.
She's a big baby that bounce around, talked so loud, jumping merrily, throw kiddie tantrums just to make you love her more. But there are always people who's so paranoid that feel uncomfortable with her acts and dislike her. Which is why like I said, only bffs know each other well
than others.
Don't judge someone with their appearance.

Appearances can be deceptive.

Alright cut the cackle and let's see my camwhoring photos.
My photo shooting's photos will be up soon as I get my hands on 'em.

Patient people, patient..

My first outfit.

Tricia & me

Changed our second outfit.

Heading to another venue.

Baby and Tricia

I may look odd in ponytail here but I swear it looked much better off-photo.

And please ignore my yellow flora earing.
I got an earing that match perfectly with the dress which is red and black in leopard
print but I'd never expect to wear this dress so I didn't brought along.

Okay that's enough!
All and other cam pix will be uploaded to my facebook.

Photo shooting was tiring as we posed for hours and we weren't familiar on what pose sho
uld we strike. In some shots we even looked so stoned!
But nevertheless it's also fun.
We had many shots in many different places like Luyi's balcony, on her sofa, behind curtains, swimming pool, playground, on the stairs and so on.
We went for dim sums after the shooting @ Connaught.

Baby and the photographer/ her upcoming-bf

we had porridge with preserved egg, fried dumplings with seaweed fillings, black and white spareribs, siew mai, fishballs and more fishballs.

I heard Tracia and baby gag around and I vaguely heard this.
Our next photo shooting theme?

___:: The BRIDAL ::___

** LOL **


Monday, October 19, 2009

Elaine's Sweet 17

Another outing post.

Yesterday was sweety Elaine's sweet 17.
She made very sure of me to show up that day cause I've turned her down
a few times before.
** ISHH **
I'm so bad, I know..

But I did show up!
I showed up 3 hours after they reached, which I know, you know, is very VERY LATE !!
Because of the menstrual pain..

Plain icks me off!! Who knows it might happen?
I threw up and curled like a shrimp on my bed, cried in pain and for help.
I was pale like a corpse. I ate nothing. No appetite.
Fortunately after I threw up, I felt better.
My phone kept ringing, I knew I'd better get going so without further dilly-dally, I sw
ift instead of walking.

Before heading to the rendezvous, I picked up Cyrus and my lovely Luyi babe then together we go!

Oh my....

I'm so lazy to type right now.
Guess I'll just leave the pictures to do the talkings.

Me & the birthday princess -- Elaine

From left : Fui Chin, Babe Luyi, moi

sweety Elaine =)
the very sweet one.
Guys, don't get melted by her smile!

Fui Chin
[she's skinny. Not those normal type but the O-M-GOSH-she's-SO-LANKY-SKINNY type. ]

Cyrus! Best pal !!

My babe Luyi.
she's mine =)

I kissed a girl and I liked it..

i'mma SQUID.


I don't know why but suddenly I miss my nudy grey contacts..
** SOBS **

I shall wear it to prom!

click to enlarge


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our day out.

Babe Luyi buzzed me up at around 11 a.m. on Tuesday, wanted to go out.
But man I was so lazy to get up from the bed and eventually fell asleep till I got another call from her telling me that she and Cyrus were on their way heading to my place.
I bounced up and rushed to the bathroom and dressed up in like 20 minutes?
Then I quickly rush downstairs and grab some food and bumped into their cab.
Forget about the make-ups cause I had already made them wait for me, which is so not nice and I felt very sorry for them to wait moreover this is my first outing with Luyi.
** YIKES **

We headed straight away to have brunch @ e Food (
if I didn't get it's name wrong).
Can't really decide what to eat. Honestly their food is okay but the proportion is HUGE!
Can't finish..
And the food a bit oily.
But anyway, thanks babe Luyi for the treat!!
After meal, I started to make up using Luyi's and Cyrus' accessories cause I didn't brought mine.
Cyrus helped me with my eye-liner and fake lashes.
Thanks to him!!

Karaoke comes next after brunch.

Here are some photos of the day >>

After the karaoke, they planned to go to the night market @ Sg. Long but sadly I can't make it cause I'm having an exam the next day.
So I called mom up and pick me.
I'm extremely glad that I got to know Luyi.
She's a thoughtful person. So thoughtful that she refused to leave me alone in the mall waiting for mom even though they may be late for their pasar malam.
Where could I find such a thoughtful person? :)

Oh, what a day!


Monday, October 12, 2009

When worse turns worst.

It's about this time that I start to get really tired of people who doesn't understand a single word of what people said all the time..

Dear Luyi called me on Friday night. I can tell that she was sobbing. It wasn't that night that she encountered problems on her relationship instead it was the third day.
I don't know if it's right for me to tell y'all about her relationship problems but I'll try to make it brief but privacy elements remain unrevealed.

Just this question, "
What will you do if you felt that you've been accused? "
Ask yourself and get an answer!

WE confront the people who hurl accusements! This is our right to prove that we have no wrongs. Qualm not for Luyi to do so. But she got all the abhorrence from people in return.
Of course for those who have no logic-thinking mind would only think that she's wrong.
And due to their lack of ability to interpret things, it seemed futile to explain to them.
Revile is otiose. But hells
NO Luyi didn't reprimand them. She chose to tolerate and endure their silly actions. Only close friends knew how kind-hearted and generous she was. Too bad..
How she wished her beau would have understand her, helped her, soothed her, but things gone awry than anyone could have imagined.

Till Saturday night, babe Luyi called up for a chill-chattin session. We talked lots. But things weren't solved cause her beau wasn't there. She buzzed me up in the middle of the night and we chat again. I learnt that she had lost her directions and no idea what to do.
We went to a fine bistro for dinner last night, this time with her beau. Easy to talk, easy to understand, easy to get the points. We really thought that he really knew what we're trynna say at first. We started out the conversation nicely and was extremely wary of not to hurt his feelings. We even left him and Cyrus at the bistro to talk face-to-face while we went to a mart nearby to kill time.
Okay this post will be like no-end? if I don't skip a few scenes.

So the WHOLE chatting we just had at the bistro seemed no use. I've had enough with this guy!
He thinks he's always right. He thinks we're like bullying him? Because he says she brought three friends and he's alone dealing with us. He thinks Luyi's method of hadling a case is wrong and so on. He shows no remorse. He pledges no guilty. He always choose to believe his friends at the first place no matter what happens rather than to think wisely before taking actions.
Pathetic. Callous. Immature. Egoistic. Best to describe his personality.
He made babe Luyi cried out so loud bawling off her head over their tiny problems without even care about her.
What a shame!

Note for him:

Whatever it is, I think you must have faith in you girlfriend.
The point of having a relationship is to beleive your other-half.
Sincerity is another thing that matters of course.
You're right telling her what your friends thought about her, as those are facts.
No point bottle 'em up.
And I personally think that....... ugh...fine.
Don't wanna make you think I'm lecturing you.
Cheers for offensive-free.

Note to my dear Luyi :

I know you've been through lotsa harsh situations in your relationship and I just want you to know that you're a brave girl.
You're brave enough in everything. To forgive him, to stand up for yourself, to tolerate, to endure, to everything!
And you're such a devoted girlfriend I think there's no need for me to list out.
Your patience is impressively great I don't think I have that.
Just be strong.
Sometimes you need things to go rotten in order for things to get well.
Out of difficulties make miracles!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

My randomness a.k.a another random post.

I was alone at home.
Angel went for dancing.
I'm in an idle mode right now.
I've been a potato couch for days. Became so unaware of anything happening.
Twittering on the phone couldn't save me from being inane. How sick is that.
Liable to become extremely hungry whenever I saw nothing but food and more good food on TV albeit brunch is opulent. Ended up eating whatever came through to me. I'm savoring my favorite mashed potatoes besides blogging at the moment. See?
And I don't feel like studying latterly.
I think I've utterly indulged myself into musics and singing which made mom to preach me more often about my future and the coming SPM.
But music and singing is always gonna be my major interest and that's for sure.
She knows it pretty well.
The funny thing is that sometimes she'll deliberately question me like :'' So you wanna be a singer? How bout your lawyer dream?'' or " Okay forget about your studies and universities. Go ahead and be an artist all you want. I'll be giving all your books away to charity tomorrow. Don't thank me!! ".
Cute as it may sound for some time if she wasn't serious.

Btw I'm checking my school's web and see if the results for trial were posted.
Don't know if it's me, or what I see is nothing.
Absolutely nothing about student's information and achievement.
So what's the use of the web?
Piece of trash.
Am waiting for an important e-mail as well.
Been waiting for weeks!! Don't know what takes him weeks to reply my mail!
Heck he'd better send me today and if he fails, he'll be in massive trouble when he's back from Kazakhstan!

Time for a tea-break then back to the couch for another piece of flick!
Am such a classic example of potato couch ain't I ?


Saturday, October 3, 2009


Golly those decorations at the mall wows me without fail every year!
I love those colorful lanterns especially those shaped in unique figures.
Used to play with the candles and would just held my lantern strolling around neighborhood, showing off to other kids and have fun with 'em when I was still in elementary school.
But not now anymore.

I had a wonderful family gathering this year.
Cause one of the points of this festive season is about family reunion.
Anyway for me, it's T-totally, unquestionably about mooncakes !!
Frankly I've been eating it since 2 months before.
Mommy kept receiving free mooncakes so we didn't bought any mooncake this year. I mean like, SERIOUSLY!!

I tried almost all the flavors mooncakes have and felt cool!
Aww my guilty pleasure!
Have totally no qualms on gaining weight!!

And I even drove down to KL buying stuffs for my sis and I after dinner.
The traffic was, as it will be, slow moving.
It was predictable as it's Saturday after all.
Oh, what a day..
Mom even treated us with sundaes!!

Happy mid-autumn festival folks!

p/s : While I was typing this post, I saw and heard beautiful, loud fireworks.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Out of my boredom
I played with my hair..
until something came through my mind
and I wonder..

What shall I do with my fringe ???

It's LONG!!
I've not been trimming it since May!
I can tie up my fringe with my hair together!!

SEE ? >>

Ignore that bow-ribbon i tied.

Now you can picture how geeky I was.
Can't blame me.
Have nuthing to do at morning before school.

Got my face covered when the wind blows.

Even if I nod my head

I can't see you

You can't see me either!

Should I adopt a bang like I'd used to have it before ??
N O ?!

Was thinking about changing my hairstyle.