Thursday, October 8, 2009

My randomness a.k.a another random post.

I was alone at home.
Angel went for dancing.
I'm in an idle mode right now.
I've been a potato couch for days. Became so unaware of anything happening.
Twittering on the phone couldn't save me from being inane. How sick is that.
Liable to become extremely hungry whenever I saw nothing but food and more good food on TV albeit brunch is opulent. Ended up eating whatever came through to me. I'm savoring my favorite mashed potatoes besides blogging at the moment. See?
And I don't feel like studying latterly.
I think I've utterly indulged myself into musics and singing which made mom to preach me more often about my future and the coming SPM.
But music and singing is always gonna be my major interest and that's for sure.
She knows it pretty well.
The funny thing is that sometimes she'll deliberately question me like :'' So you wanna be a singer? How bout your lawyer dream?'' or " Okay forget about your studies and universities. Go ahead and be an artist all you want. I'll be giving all your books away to charity tomorrow. Don't thank me!! ".
Cute as it may sound for some time if she wasn't serious.

Btw I'm checking my school's web and see if the results for trial were posted.
Don't know if it's me, or what I see is nothing.
Absolutely nothing about student's information and achievement.
So what's the use of the web?
Piece of trash.
Am waiting for an important e-mail as well.
Been waiting for weeks!! Don't know what takes him weeks to reply my mail!
Heck he'd better send me today and if he fails, he'll be in massive trouble when he's back from Kazakhstan!

Time for a tea-break then back to the couch for another piece of flick!
Am such a classic example of potato couch ain't I ?


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