Monday, October 19, 2009

Elaine's Sweet 17

Another outing post.

Yesterday was sweety Elaine's sweet 17.
She made very sure of me to show up that day cause I've turned her down
a few times before.
** ISHH **
I'm so bad, I know..

But I did show up!
I showed up 3 hours after they reached, which I know, you know, is very VERY LATE !!
Because of the menstrual pain..

Plain icks me off!! Who knows it might happen?
I threw up and curled like a shrimp on my bed, cried in pain and for help.
I was pale like a corpse. I ate nothing. No appetite.
Fortunately after I threw up, I felt better.
My phone kept ringing, I knew I'd better get going so without further dilly-dally, I sw
ift instead of walking.

Before heading to the rendezvous, I picked up Cyrus and my lovely Luyi babe then together we go!

Oh my....

I'm so lazy to type right now.
Guess I'll just leave the pictures to do the talkings.

Me & the birthday princess -- Elaine

From left : Fui Chin, Babe Luyi, moi

sweety Elaine =)
the very sweet one.
Guys, don't get melted by her smile!

Fui Chin
[she's skinny. Not those normal type but the O-M-GOSH-she's-SO-LANKY-SKINNY type. ]

Cyrus! Best pal !!

My babe Luyi.
she's mine =)

I kissed a girl and I liked it..

i'mma SQUID.


I don't know why but suddenly I miss my nudy grey contacts..
** SOBS **

I shall wear it to prom!

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