Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I know I'm not good in expressing myself in words. I don't usually use extraordinary grammar and phrases people don't understand and my Mandarin isn't so good, so in times I'll just have to safeguard myself for not letting people make fun of me which I hate it so. I know, maybe, I said 'maybe ', you're reading my post, what I really hope is that you can get what I'm trying to tell. I want you to leave her alone. Mind your words. I don't want you to humiliate her then broadcast it and let the whole world to know. By judging what you've written, I bet you haven't made full clear of the situation. I'll have it explained. First, she wasn't backstabbing you. Your friend questioned something her which I really can't recall what it is and she came with the answer :" Cause i don't like surians." That's her reason. When people asks, you reply.This is NOT backstabbing. And speaking about this, I don't really know if you understand what 'backstabbing' is. And of course she knows that your friend's a surian but still, she was so straight-forward that she absolutely have no qualms telling her reason though it's about you & your bffs. That girl then asks her why does she hate surians, she said it's because their so 'fake'. That's also her reason. She just spilled. Is this another back stab? If it is, then I'd say hospitals will always be fully occupied by overcrowded people sustain a stab in the back.
Well maybe she doesn't really know y'all but I guess she doesn't even wanna befriend with surians so y'all could take back your words! And did you ever wonder why does she hate SUIRANS?! Sort this thing out by yourself before you reprimand others!
We all know very well that we only believe in our friends and whatever they would have said. So I don't expect you to trust me. I just wanted to make things right. It's up to you to believe what I just said.
That's all.

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